‘Guardians Of The Galaxy 2’ Villain Won’t Be Matthew McConaughey — What Character Did He Turn Down?

The Guardians of the Galaxy 2 villain is closer to being revealed, but not too much closer. Matthew McConaughey was offered the mystery role and turned it down.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, GOTG 2 will definitely feature something only teased at the end of the first film. While Star-Lord’s (Chris Pratt) “Awesome Mix” played a significant role in the soundtrack, a gift from his mother will be featured in the sequel. The tape revealed was the second “Awesome Mix,” and it’s unknown what songs will be on it.

James Gunn stated that he hasn’t heard the new set of songs, explaining, “We haven’t listened to ‘Awesome Mix 2,’ yet, so we get to hear it in the sequel.”

In the same quote from Variety, Gunn reveals it will be more of an emotional movie, featuring “a lot about fathers.” There are only three potential characters known in the original film to have possibly story-revealing fathers (Peter Quill, Gamora, and Drax). We know Gamora’s (Zoe Saldana) adopted father is Thanos, and Drax’s (Dave Bautista) father was murdered by Ronan, so this leaves one big question remaining. We were only given a hint of who Peter Quill’s real father is, and he may be the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 villain if Coming Soon is correct in their assumptions.

Toward the end of the film, it was revealed that Quill’s father was the reason Peter wasn’t destroyed by the orb — he’s only half human. This indicates that Papa Quill may be immortal or something close. James Gunn also revealed that Quill’s father is not the one from the comics, which might anger comic book purists.

It’s still a matter of speculation who the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 villain will be, but it seems a certain prop in the Collector’s museum might have been an indication. When the orb was opened and exploded, a certain cocoon may have released a character known as Adam Warlock. According to the comics, Warlock ends up fighting his future self, known as Magus, after teaming up with the reluctant heroes.

Warlock is closely tied to the Soul stone (one of the six Infinity stones the MCU has been revealing), and it does make sense.

Hopefully, a fully re-grown Groot will be back for the sequel alongside his wisecracking raccoon buddy (but don’t call him anything less than Rocket) and bring along more of that clumsy but well meaning comedy. With the possible addition of Oldboy actress Pom Klementieff to the team, as also revealed by Variety, it appears there will be more of a force at work against Guardians of the Galaxy 2’s villain.

Much like the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 villain, Pom’s potential role is still unknown, as production for the film is expected to begin in 2016.

We will probably see a lot more revealed closer to the November 2016 release of Doctor Strange, the film immediately preceding the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel. It’s also still unknown if any members of the Avengers will be making cameos in the space adventures of Star-Lord and his not quite motley crew.

It was previously rumored (and demanded by fans) that Hulk might appear with them and make a transition to Planet Hulk, but the idea wasn’t well received by Joss Whedon and those in charge of the MCU. Technically, Hulk is still owned by Universal Studios and likely won’t be getting another solo film, even though Mark Ruffalo says he’d be up for it.

Who do you think the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 villain will be? Could Max Evry of Coming Soon have cracked the mystery?

For now, all we know is that Matthew McConaughey won’t be playing the role of the bad guy.

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