‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ Season 2 Already In Development

Evil Dead fans have been awaiting a new Evil Dead movie for decades now, and although a faithful remake was issued in 2013, their taste buds weren’t tantalized. When Starz began developing a brand new series based on Bruce Campbell’s Deadite hunter Ash, they were ecstatic. Now, they have more reason to be thrilled. The first season of Ash vs. Evil Dead hasn’t even shown a single episode yet, but a second series has already been put into development.

Starz was eager to commission a second season of the horror comedy, which has lit up the internet in recent weeks. Ash vs. Evil Dead is due to start on Halloween, which is an apt debut date, but Starz already sees the potential for longevity in the series, and it seems they are listening to the fans. Speaking to Total Film, Starz’s Carmi Zlotnik revealed that the show features in their long-term plans.

“One season isn’t enough to satisfy the fans’ two decade-long appetite for more Ash. The early fan and press support, along with the international broadcaster demand for more story have made it clear that the adventures of Ash Williams can’t end with season one.”

The series, produced by star Bruce Campbell and original creators Sam Raimi and Bob Tapert, reunites us with our old pal Ash, 30 years after his last battle with the Deadites. After a witty introduction, such is the nature of our hero, it soon becomes clear that a new wave of demonic horror threatens to possess and destroy the planet, and Ash is our only hope. Joining our hero is Ruby, a mysterious woman who holds Ash accountable for the Deadites’ deadly resurgence. Little else is known about the plot — but expect masses of blood, gore, and flying body parts, which is Evil Dead’s graphic M.O.

'Ash vs. Evil Dead' Season 2 Already In Development3
Bruce Campbell as Ash. Groovy! [Image via Starz]

The news of a second season was foreshadowed by Bruce Campbell himself, when he stated the following at New York Comic-Con in October, as revealed by Cinema Blend.

“Look, we got a second season the minute there were 15 million views on Facebook for the trailer. That was our second season right there, I can tell you right now. They were like, ‘Got it! We know this show now!’ They were finally convinced of its following.”

When speaking to Entertainment Weekly about the first series in 2014, Campbell revealed his feelings about returning to his most iconic character and explained why the role still has so much more to give.

“Ash has survivor’s guilt. You could have a heyday with his PTSD. He’s a war vet. He continues being a trash-talking know-it-all who doesn’t really know anything. He’s the ultimate anti-hero. He’s kind of an idiot, but man, if I had to go to battle, I’d want to be next to that guy, because he’ll bring it if he has to.”

Everyone loves the story of an anti-hero, and Ash is the ultimate horror icon; a normal everyday guy in a bad place as a terrifying, catastrophic time. With Campbell firmly on board and Raimi back in his corner, it’s a horror reunion come true.

'Ash vs. Evil Dead' Season 2 Already In Development2
Ash Williams is back… for a second season! [Image via Starz]

Campbell, whose career was launched by the initial trilogy of Evil Dead movies, is returning in fine form. For the better part of the past decade, he has featured as Sam Axe in Burn Notice, which ended with its seventh season in 2013. Campbell has been a horror icon for decades, and it was more a matter of when, not if, a new Evil Dead project would be pushed into development. With Campbell and Raimi both producing the remake in 2013 and generating a loyal following — not to mention a decent box-office gross of $97.5 million — there was always demand for such a series. With TV reigning supreme in the age of Netflix and mobile technology, it was a sensible decision to move Ash to the small screen, and it looks to be paying off, for the fans and network alike.

Ash vs. Evil Dead will premiere on October 31 in the USA. Groovy!

[Feature image courtesy of Starz/Renaissance Pictures]

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