HTC One X Plagued With Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

A WiFi antenna flaw manufactured into the HTC One X is causing some users to lose their Wi-Fi connectivity. The issue can cause a users battery to rapidly drain or render the smartphones WiFi completely inoperable by failing to connect to both secure and unsecure Wi-Fi networks.

HTC is aware of the issue and is asking that HTC One X users help them resolve the issue by providing valuable feedback to their engineering team.

To test the devices WiFi issues HTC wants users to squeeze the back of the phone directly between the camera lens and volume buttons. If the smartphones Wi-Fi signal improves but is then lose after releasing the grip the device is affected by the manufacturing error.

To “fix” the device it is being suggested that users return their phone to the supplier as a “dead on arrival” which is typically permitted by local laws and retail chain policies.

According to Electronista:

“The fault seems to lie in a poorly connected common antenna, servicing both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. A device teardown along with a dangerous and complicated user fix is possible for the fault, but not recommended for users to attempt. Following disassembly of the phone, the antenna can be delicately re-soldered, and the phone reassembled.”

Even the developer of the “fix” chose not to perform the task on their own for fear of destroying the phone.

The HTC One X was released from customs on May 21 following an Apple-help patenting dispute and began selling to customers on May 25.

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