‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: It’s A Bone-Chilling Time For Lulu As A Bombshell Blows Up On Halloween

Halloween is coming to General Hospital, and in addition to all of the chills and thrills that this day brings, the soap has promised spine-tingling bombshells, as well. What has got a few of the Port Charles residents so worried? No, it’s not the Jason Morgan reveal just yet. Fans will have to wait another week before that happens, but from the looks of the previews, Lulu Falconeri is about to find out the truth about her husband’s infidelity.

The Haunted Star is the setting for the upcoming Halloween party. It is a perfect spot for the occasion, and since Lulu is co-owner of the boat, she is getting it all set with scary and fun decorations. However, there has been plenty of tension between her and Dillon Quartermaine since he found out the truth that her husband, Dante, had a one-night stand with Valerie, who also happens to be Lulu’s cousin. According to this week’s Halloween previews that General Hospital posted, it looks like the secret is finally out in the open.

At this point, only Nathan, Jordan, and Dillon knows about what went on between Dante and Valerie. Apparently, word has it that Dante ends up confessing all to Sonny while he is visiting with him at the hospital on Thursday’s episode. Lulu is about to get an earful, or at least a public confession, out of her husband. How will she find out? Will Dillon blurt it out at the Halloween party?

It looks like the likely culprit will be that confession tape that was running while Valerie privately admitted her sins to Dillon. Somehow Lulu may just happen upon it accidentally, or is looking for something to play at the shindig, but all will be revealed right in front of her eyes. So in a way, it is Dillon that lets the cat out of the bag, as well as Valerie herself.

Mrs. Falconeri will not be happy about this dreaded secret that Dillon had threatened to reveal. Will Lulu end up leaving her husband after this? This couldn’t have come at a worse time for this couple, as they are about to start the process of having their second child. Dante and Lulu have been a favorite couple on General Hospital for a while now, and many fans will not be happy that Valerie has come between them at the moment.

It will not be a fun Halloween for Lulu, or those close to her, but the kids on General Hospital will be having tons of fun as they get dressed up in their costumes. It looks like Jake takes Elizabeth’s three boys, Jake, Cameron, and Aidan, trick-or-treating, all in matching football uniforms. Little Emma Drake is decked out in blue hair and a matching blue outfit. Even baby Avery is getting into the Halloween spirit, thanks to mobster mama Ava Jerome.

It looks like it will be a Halloween to remember as it always is in Port Charles, especially for Lulu. Secrets always seem to come out on General Hospital, and this one may just be the end of this well-loved couple.

Once this one secret comes out, another one will surface, as well. The one secret that fans have been waiting for is the revelation that Jake Doe is really Jason Morgan. This is expected to all play out next week at his wedding to Elizabeth. There are many rumors on who exactly will be the one to spill the beans to everyone. Hopefully, the big reveal will be worth the wait, as viewers have waited a long time for this one to come to light.

Do you think that Dante and Lulu’s marriage can withstand this revelation that is about to happen at the Halloween party?

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