Raven-Symone Makes ‘Ignorant’ Comments About Spring Valley Assault, Twitter Goes Nuts

Raven-Symone has once again made a comment that is deemed by many to condemn a member of the African-American community. Others see it as an approval of excessive police force. On The View, her response to the Spring Valley officer assault on a black female student is: “You gotta follow the rules in school.” Twitter goes nuts when Raven has something to say, and this time, it’s no different.

This isn’t the first time Raven-Symone has offered pearls of wisdom regarding education and business. Recently, she said she wouldn’t hire people with “ghetto names” such as “Watermelondrea,” reported the Wrap. Many viewers expressed anger about this on Twitter too. Even political conservative Ann Coulter told Raven-Symone that discriminating against people because of their name is wrong, reports Mediaite.

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Her father, Christopher Pearman, stepped in with a statement on how much he loves his daughter, but he is not accountable for what she says. He also said that he hasn’t managed his daughter in over 10 years, and that she’s almost 30-years-old but says “dumb” things, per the Daily Caller. Her father also said many contacted him about his daughter’s comments, but Pearman as the parent of an adult can’t control a grown woman’s behavior.

But this time, Twitter reactions are more intense. Since the viral video of the Spring Valley assault hit the fan, Deputy Ben Field has been fired, according to a New York Times report. Many wondered why the 16-year-old girl’s mother had not come forward in her daughter’s defense, but it has since been revealed the teen’s mother recently died, and the girl is adjusting to life in foster care, according to the New York Daily News.

Per usual, Raven-Symone, who doesn’t always appear to be the most informed talk show panelist, gave an opinion based on a gut reaction after watching a single video but, apparently, not researching the back story and all the facts. Another reason for the Twitter outrage is her comments always seem to be at odds with the majority of her fan base, which includes African Americans. Maybe now she can classify these people as former fans.

It’s become evident that there’s a disconnect between Raven-Symone and viewers. They seem to have tired of her comments, not only on the Spring Valley assault but other issues. She apologized, sort of, on the Watermelondrea name issue, stating that she has never discriminated against anyone based on a name, although she said she would, according to Black America Web.

Many are beginning to wonder if there’s anything she can say that won’t cause anger among viewers and whether she is building a career based on her ability to shock people. Unfortunately, some attention seekers believe that even bad publicity is good and “talked about means thought about” as the old saying goes.

Actress Raven-Symone [Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Walter Kaitz]

Raven-Symone should know after many years in the entertainment business that a fan base is not guaranteed, and in the age of public opinion polls via Twitter, everyone, including John and Jane Doe, should be careful about what they say — and that includes Raven-Symone herself.

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