Vicki Gunvalson Distancing Herself From Bravo: ‘I Haven’t Watched The Show In Weeks’

Vicki Gunvalson doesn’t want drama in her life, but somehow she became caught in the middle on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Vicki just wanted her co-stars’ support when it came to Brooks Ayers’ cancer diagnosis, but many of the wives questioned his story about being ill. And because Vicki defended him so much, she quickly became public enemy number one.

But Vicki Gunvalson never intended for things to go as they have. For the first time ever, Vicki has announced that she isn’t even watching The Real Housewives of Orange County these days. After rumors surfaced that she could be leaving the show, Gunvalson is now revealing that she thinks it is too painful to relive the past — at least for now.

According to a new Instagram post, Vicki Gunvalson is now revealing that she hasn’t actually watched the show in weeks because it became too painful for her. Vicki didn’t like to relive all of the drama with the ladies, so she has distanced herself from the show. In fact, Gunvalson hasn’t watched the dramatic baptism, it sounds like, and she hasn’t watched any of the reunion shows. Instead, Gunvalson has defended herself from comments on social media in hopes of people seeing her side of the story.

“Some day, everything will make sense. The truth will prevail. Until that day comes, enjoy the nonsense,” read a quote that Vicki shared on Instagram, who then added her own two cents, “Omg this is so true! I’m enjoying the nonsense — why don’t you join it with me. Finally finding peace. Haven’t watched the show in weeks as it turned too hurtful. I just want to be happy! Toxic people must be miserable #BeHappy #LifeIsTooShort #FollowMe #LikeIt.”

And while many people have attacked Vicki Gunvalson for her actions this year, she does have some followers who support her. The viewers seem split as to who they believe — Vicki or Meghan King Edmonds. Meghan did do plenty of research to discredit Brooks, who just became more agitated when confronted with new information. But others believe that Meghan simply took things too far.

“Toxic like Megan Edmonds… she even looks evil, she has evil face. Just even watching her reactions on the reunion. The ugly looks she gives,” one follower wrote to Vicki, while another inquired about her friendship with Shannon Beador, writing, “I’m just a little bitter about your falling out with Shannon Beador I loved your chemistry together.”

But some viewers did feel that Vicki Gunvalson was at fault for some of the drama. Not only did Vicki slam Tamra Barney over her sex party, and added that she needed to watch herself as she had already lost custody of one child, but she also took Ayers’ side in the argument in regards to her own daughter.

“I can’t even imagine how hurt Briana is after she confided in you what scum f’er brooks said to her. What kind of mother would say to her daughter he wouldn’t want to touch you. Believe me if he was with you, his standards must not be very high,” one person wrote to Vicki Gunvalson.

And of course, many were shocked when they learned that Brooks had hit on Briana Culberson. During the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, Briana revealed that Ayers had hit on her while pregnant, and had even talked about his penis size. It is no secret that Ayers and Briana don’t get along, and that Vicki was caught right in the middle.

What do you think of Vicki Gunvalson distancing herself from The Real Housewives of Orange County? Since she’s not even watching the show these days, do you think she wants to quit?

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