Halle Berry Separates From Fourth Partner In Two Decades

Halle Berry sure can pick them. Since 1993, she will have separated from four partners, two of which are the fathers of her children. Now she has filed for divorce from her latest husband, actor Olivier Martinez, and they both seem to be racing to the courthouse for the title of who divorced whom. It seems like it must be an ego thing because the couple have a prenup and are not quibbling over custody of their toddler son. Martinez has gotten into physical altercations, most notably with Berry’s partner before him, Gabriel Aubrey, but Berry has two other ex-husbands.

First, Halle Berry was married to baseball player David Justice, who reportedly beat her and caused her to lose hearing in one ear. She says she was so depressed after following her relationship with Justice that she considered suicide. She then moved on to Eric Benet, who allegedly cheated on Berry and claimed he was a sex addict. Then there was Aubrey, who got dumped and dragged through court without ever officially getting married, and now Martinez.

Salon published an article entitled “Halle Berry Still Has Terrible Taste In Men,” and many people would agree. Sure, most of them have been quite good looking (Aubrey was a model), but that obviously does not ensure happiness.

“Berry’s first marriage, to baseball player David Justice, ended in divorce and a restraining order. In 2001, his ex-fiancé Nicole Foster filed suit against him for emotional distress and domestic violence. Berry’s second marriage, to singer Eric Benét, also ended in divorce court, this time with her husband doing a stint in rehab for sex addiction. He now refers to his condition at the time as not addiction, but rather ‘making some stupid-ass, stupid-ass mistakes.’ In between her marriages, Berry pleaded no contest in a 2000 hit-and-run incident and was ordered to perform 200 hours of community service.”

Then came Aubrey, who prevented Berry from moving with their daughter to France to be with Martinez. Halle Berry then tried to turn the tables on Aubrey, accusing him of abusing their daughter and insisting that she returned with two black eyes after a visit with him. This was alleged but never proven, and it was thought to perhaps be a custody tactic. If she thought Aubrey had a temper, she doubled down on Martinez.

People Magazine is citing Martinez’s temper as the reason that Berry is divorcing him, but sources say she has one too.

“Olivier comes from a world where he was easily intimidated by her ability to work and that she was the breadwinner. He was emasculated by her beauty and her power, and his temper could erupt,” the source told People magazine. “He was never physically abusive towards her. He was very possessive in a very kind of caveman way but was never abusive to her or the family.”

Fans think that Berry must have known this, considering Martinez got in a fist fight with Aubrey before they got married.

The Times Live quotes this as the third divorce for Berry, and many wonder why she keeps getting married. It can’t be just to legitimize her kids because she never married Aubrey. Fans are hoping that she chooses her next partner using what she has hopefully learned from the first four failures.

Do you think Halle Berry will get married again?

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