Oprah Winfrey ‘Secret Son’: Oprah Ambushed Outside Studio By Man Claiming To Be Her ‘Secret Son’

Has Oprah Winfrey rejected a “secret son”? Oprah was recently leaving a New York City studio when she was met by a young man named Calvin Mitchell.

The event happened when Oprah made a guest appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. As she was leaving the Ed Sullivan Theater, she was greeted by throngs of fans, but one stood out. Oprah Winfrey’s “secret son” was there, and photos posted by the Daily Mail show her momentarily interacting with him as she presses her hand against his chest. He then left his phone number with her rep.

According to an interview with Radar Online, Mitchell said that his alleged mother adopted him when he was a boy, but abandoned him later in life as a teenager.

Mitchell accuses Winfrey of turning her back on him after helping to raise him for five years. When he was 17-years-old, he dropped out of an elite private school that she was paying for. The “long lost son” of Oprah’s admits he made a dumb decision and wants for her to forgive him. The 35-year-old, who is now a truck driver, feels what Oprah did to him was wrong.

Mitchell told Radar that he met Oprah in 1992 when he was cast as an extra on the ABC TV drama There Are No Children Here.

(Photo by Ray Tamarra/Getty Images)
[Photo by Ray Tamarra/Getty Images]

Oprah Winfrey’s “secret son” was then 11-years-old. He managed to get past security, grab a Diet Coke, and offer it to Winfrey. She was apparently “touched” by his gesture and offered him a job as her “personal bodyguard,” according to Mitchell.

Once filming for the movie wrapped, Oprah kept in touch with Mitchell and his family.

Mitchell said, “Oprah asked my mom if she could adopt me, and my mom denied her.”

Mitchell’s mother, 56-year-old Eva Mitchell, shared with Radar, “It felt strange because I felt if someone wanted to help me with my children, that’s one thing. But to actually adopt one child knowing I have others? I couldn’t allow her to separate my children.”

Even Oprah’s longtime partner, Stedman Graham, treated Mitchell as one of his own. He used to take Mitchell to Chicago Bulls games and the black rodeo he hosted every year.

When he was enrolled in a private school that was gifted to him by Oprah, Mitchell says he grew homesick after a few years and wanted to come home. He claims that Oprah “didn’t understand that.” She pleaded with him to stay in school, but he dropped out despite her wishes. It was after this that Oprah Winfrey’s “secret son” was cut out of her life, he says.

What followed next for Calvin Mitchell was a spiraling depression because he felt rejected by Oprah. He said that by leaving school, he let everyone in his life down, but thought Oprah would love him unconditionally.

“If it were my child, regardless of what that child did, they still would be a part of my life. Oprah and I had grown so tight that I thought she’d be a part of my life — forever.”

In the Daily Mail’s report, it wrote that the National Enquirer set up Mitchell to be present when Oprah left the New York studio where she filmed The Tonight Show with Stephen Colbert.

The story remains unresolved at this point. Will Oprah Winfrey reach out to her “secret son” who’s currently making the spotlight? Whatever the background is that exists between these two, Calvin Mitchell has taken the rejection hard.

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