Bethesda Previews New Concept Art For ‘Fallout 4’ Featured In The Upcoming Art Book

Well after players have had a chance to scour the wasteland of Fallout 4, the game’s art book will be available. On December 22, The Art of Fallout 4 will be released with 368 pages of art for the RPG. Designs, weapons, concept art, and character art are included in the book, alongside developer commentary on many of the ideas.

On, players can preview several new pages of The Art of Fallout 4,including the foreword by Lead Artist Istvan Pely. In the foreword, Pely invites players into the world of Fallout 4; a world he and the rest of the team behind the game have been visiting for years, but one players are just now beginning to explore. Pely says, “This book is an opportunity for us to share with you a bit of the history behind this world, how it has evolved over those years, and why some of the artistic choices were made.”

The foreword is concluded with thanks to Todd Howard, the game director of Fallout 4, and a number of new images from The Art of Fallout 4. The Pip-Boy, several landscapes, a handful of cities, some interiors, character designs, weapons, vehicles, and, of course, power armor are all previewed on Hundreds of pages of content like that can be found within the art book. There are even a few images of the robots Mr. Handy and Sentry Boy in the preview images.

Fallout 4
An interior as seen in The Art of Fallout 4 [Images via Bethesda]
The Art of Fallout 4 can be pre-purchased now to ensure a copy is obtained as soon as possible. It can be purchased at sites like Amazon where the hardcover book is currently on sale for about $28 rather than the $50 list price. With that December 22 release date, it could make a perfect gift for a Fallout 4 fan just in time for the holiday season.

In August, Bethesda Game Studios first previewed the upcoming art book with a few images in conjunction with a pre-purchase announcement. As the Inquisitr reported, twice as many assets were created for Fallout 4 than were created for Bethesda’s last epic RPG The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. The previous images showed off a drawbridge with ship passing underneath, a second generation synth armor concept, and even more power armor. Several concepts for Fallout 4 can be found in the The Art of Fallout 4. When the art book releases in December, players will likely recognize many ideas in the book after having played the game; however, not all iterations make it to the final product. The book is certain to give some insight into the design and processes that went into making Fallout 4.

Fallout 4
Pipe guns that can be crafted in Fallout 4 [Images via Bethesda]
On November 10, players will take up the role of a Vault 111 survivor when Fallout 4 releases. Players will start off by customizing their survivor’s appearance by choosing its gender, hair style, hair color, face shape, and more. As the game progresses, players will be able to further individualize their character by choosing between hundreds of perks, by modifying their SPECIAL statistics, and by crafting their very own weapons and armor. Choosing the right weapon is one way to make the wasteland your own. For example, as seen on the official Bethesda Game Studios Twitter account, a baseball bat covered in nails makes a great weapon for melee enthusiasts or aspiring major leaguers.

Like previous Bethesda entries of Fallout, Fallout 4 will let players use either a first- or third-person point of view. In Fallout 4, though, the player will be able to build, maintain, and protect their own settlements. Scrap found items to build new structures, place objects like furniture, and even establish storefronts for traders. Players will be able plant crops, set up water sources, and even provide electricity with generators for their settlements. In Fallout 4, players can even use brahmin caravans to move things between multiple settlements. This optional aspect of the game is quite an in-depth one; perfect for players looking to start something of their very own in the wasteland.

[Images via Bethesda]

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