Dez Bryant Returns To Practice With The Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant returns to practice, and the Dallas Cowboys could not be happier about it.

There was so much excitement about the Dallas Cowboys before the start of the regular season. Cowboys were one of the most talented teams in the NFL. Just like he does every year, Jerry Jones truly believed that the Cowboys could end their Super Bowl drought.

Then, came the injuries.

Tony Romo and Dez Bryant aren’t just two of the best players on the Dallas Cowboys, but they’re also two of the best players in the entire NFL. Very few quarterbacks can win games like Romo can. Very few wide receivers are as athletically gifted as Bryant. They were supposed to lead Cowboys offense to the glory land. Instead, both Romo and Bryant went down to injuries.

Tony Romo and Dez Bryant
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and wide receiver Dez Bryant. [ Photo by Mike McGinnis / Getty Images ]
When you consider everything that he does for the Dallas Cowboys, there really is no such thing as replacing Tony Romo. The Cowboys readily admitted that they were just hoping for someone to keep them afloat while Romo heals. Brandon Weedon was given a chance, but he couldn’t drive the Cowboys offense. Matt Cassel was his replacement, but his first game with the Cowboys was awful.

As for Dez Bryant, the Dallas Cowboys didn’t really try to replace him at all. Cowboys knew that they weren’t going to get a star receiver. Instead, they traded for Brice Butler. The little known wide receiver from the Oakland Raiders only cost the team a low round conditional draft pick. Butler was not tasked with the burden of replacing Bryant. Cowboys just needed another warm body at the position.

It is a bit of an understatement to say that things have gone south since Tony Romo and Dez Bryant were lost to injuries. The Dallas Cowboys started off strong by winning their first two games. The next four games were all losses, unfortunately. That’s how important Romo and Bryant are to the Cowboys.

Fortunately for the Dallas Cowboys, Dez Bryant is back.

Jason Witten
Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten [ Photo by Mike Stone / Getty Images ]
The offense should get a little better for the Dallas Cowboys. With Dez Bryant on the field, the Cowboys offense will have more space to work with. Players like Jason Witten, Terrance Williams, Cole Beasley, Devin Street and Gavin Escobar should receive lesser attention from opposing defenses. Darren McFadden and Joseph Randle should see fewer eight man defensive fronts.

This coming Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys have a game against the Seattle Seahawks. Russell Wilson is still scrambling for his life on every play, but the Seahawks are starting to surge. Seattle has a strong secondary. Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas are three of the best in the NFL. Dez Bryant will be needed if the Cowboys want to attack them.

Right now, there is no guarantee that Dez Bryant is going to be able to rejoin the Dallas Cowboys when they play the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. The Cowboys coaching staff are being cautious about pushing Bryant too soon. Dallas knows how competitive Bryant is, so there is a fear that he is going to push himself hard, even if it means that he runs the risk of damaging his foot further.

Dez Bryant knows that there are a lot of expectations towards him. Dallas Cowboys fans are keeping their fingers crossed that he plays this weekend. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is obviously rooting for his star wide receiver to get back on the field. Jones knows that the Cowboys need Bryant if they are going to turn the season around. For his own sake, new Cowboys starting quarterback Matt Cassel is also rooting for Bryant to get on the field.

The NFL is about to get more interesting now that Dez Bryant has returned.

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