‘Real Housewives’ Kim Richards Get Sentenced For Target Theft

Though family members claim that former Real Housewives star and resident jailbird Kim Richards is on the straight and narrow, she was in court today taking a plea to her second criminal arrest in the last year. This plea was taken for her attempted shoplifting of $600 worth of merchandise from a Van Nuys Target store. Her prior plea sentenced her to 52 AA meetings and community labor.

The Inquisitr reported that Kim Richards was not in any sort of treatment facility for her drug and alcohol problems when she tried to leave Target without paying for a cart load of merchandise. This was before she was sentenced for drunken disorderly and assaulting a police officer at a hotel bar in Beverly Hills where she hung out as a child with her mother “Big Kathy,” who reportedly came there regularly, waiting for men to buy her drinks while she sang. Like Kim Richards, “Big Kathy” was married several times.

Eonline says that Richards appeared in court today to enter her most recent plea.

“E! News can confirm The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star plead no contest to one count of petty theft and was sentenced with 36 months of probation, 300 hours of community service and 52 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings (a minimum of one per week). She is also banned from visiting that specific Target location.”

This sentence should sound familiar, at least to Richards, as it is the same sentence as she received two months ago for her last arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She is now banned from the hotel and Target.

Despite her now regular appearances in court, sources say she is trying to get her act together.

“At the moment, Kim seems to be doing OK. She goes to AA. She’s trying to get some projects off the ground. There are three or four in the works.”

The same source reports that she resents having to do community labor, but she is lucky that she is not locked up, or forced back into rehab, though she has never remained in rehab for more than a week before leaving AMA.

“The insider notes she is not very happy about the community service sentence and is trying to get out of it by submitting X-rays of her injured foot to the judge. But she knows she has to do it.”

A sense of entitlement can be such a debilitating disorder.

People Magazine is reporting that Kim Richards won’t have to double dip on the AA meetings and labor, as she has now gotten the same sentence twice.

“She must also continue treatment and follow recommendations for treatment including drug rehabilitation, therapy and medications, according to the papers.”

Kim Richards is back to hanging out with her friend, Brandi Glanville, and tells Glanville on her podcast that she is working a program.
“It’s better now,” she said. “It was a rough time for a bit there but it’s just putting everything back in order and just really focusing on my family and me.”

Kim Richards is also on probation for three years, and her next arrest will likely end up with her serving time. Hopefully, she can remain clean this time, now that she doesn’t have the pressure of a job.

Do you think Kim Richards will be able to keep straight and stay sober?

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