Aziah King’s Twitter Story, Movie Script: Full Zola ‘ZolarMoon’ Twitter Trap Tale Of Strippers, Hooters, Hookers, And ‘BackPage’ Goes Viral

Aziah King is on her way to superstardom, and it’s all thanks to her witty writing on Twitter. Even though Aziah deleted her very long Twitter tale, King’s story has been published online in its full glory.

Also being called Zola, King is currently a trending topic on Twitter, with King’s sad tale of a Florida trip gone wrong literally making people laugh out loud. Be warned: Zola’s full Twitter story of strippers in Florida is full of curse words and saddening situations, as reported by Complex, but it has the Internet rapt in the way that Aziah turns a phrase to describe what happened after King says she met a white woman named Jessica and her black sugar daddy at Hooters.

full aziah king story on Twitter
A Twitter trap tale from Aziah ‘Zola’ King goes viral [Image via Aziah King NSFW Twitter]

The entire story that Zola AKA Aziah tells is full of intrigue and reportedly real-life characters that people are already casting into movie roles on Twitter. The full Twitter story from Aziah has been republished from Twitter to other places. King, aka @_Zolarmoon, is being called black Twitter’s answer to Zane, reports the Root?, one of those publications that has Aziah’s full Twitter tale.

Since Tuesday morning, Zola’s tale of bonding with a woman she calls Jess after meeting her and her sugar daddy at Hooters has been trending on Twitter. Screenshots from the full Twitter story from King’s Twitter account show just how many hundreds of favorites and retweets that many of Aziah’s tweets received prior to her deleting the tweets after going viral. King’s full Twitter story contained plenty of the real photos of the folks that Aziah says were involved in the journey with her, and since that full story involved tales of Jess sleeping with 20 men in one night, one could see how Zola’s Twitter story jangled nerves.

Throughout the full Twitter story of @_zolarmoon, as reported by Papermag?, readers on Twitter learned that Aziah went to Florida on a whim, thinking she was bonding over her “hoeism” with Jess, and that the duo would simply strip at strip clubs. Instead, King learned that Jess wanted someone to go along with her on a dangerous prostitution jaunt, because Jess was afraid to go alone. And Jess should’ve been afraid to go alone, because she ended up with a fiance named Jarrett flipping out over her antics, so much so that Jarrett began to beat himself, jump over a balcony, and threaten to kill himself.

Many publications, like the Fader, along with people online are urging others to stop their daily tasks to take 20 minutes to read King’s full Twitter story. The full Twitter story from Zola is one that keeps readers intrigued, and the bursts of tweets add to the cliffhanger action in the story. Despite King’s funny writing, it is a sad tale that shows just how much money can be made from stripping and prostitution, but also the deeper levels of violence and abuse and hurt emotions that come along with that life.

Dangerous pimps and men who take the prostitutes’ money and others with dreadlocks who beat up Jess and tie her up, leaving her bound in a closet until she is rescued, are featured. Aziah sadly reveals that Jess is a mom when all this action occurs in the full Twitter story described. In the end, arrests were made, and it is revealed that one of the men shot another in the face, committed murder, and was even nabbed for prostitution of underage girls.

[Image via NSFW Aziah King Twitter]

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