Teen Called ‘Racist’ For Wearing Blackface Nicki Minaj Costume To Homecoming, Twitter Users Make Threats

A Florida teen was threatened on Twitter after she posted an “offensive” and “racist” photo to her profile. The teen took photos of her Nicki Minaj costume, which featured a skin-tight leopard leotard complete with blackface and a stuffed bottom. Twitter users claimed the photo was incredibly “racist” since the girl was seen wearing blackface.

As a result, users claimed to have sent letters to her high school administration along with admissions at the University of Florida, where the teen hoped to attend next year. The Twitter users promised to decrease her chances of getting into the university for her “racist” behavior. The teen, realizing the severity of the situation, deleted the photo before setting her profile to private. However, the damage had been done, with numerous screenshots of the “offensive” costume circulating the web.

The Daily Mail reports that a Florida teen is in hot water after donning an “offensive” costume to her school’s homecoming. The Nicki Minaj Halloween costume was worn by the white student in blackface. The costume featured a leopard leotard with a stuffed fake buttock section. It seems that offense was not taken to the costume itself but rather the inclusion of blackface for the outfit. The white teen had painted her face and arms black in the photos, which went viral on Twitter shortly after being published.

After receiving numerous messages calling the costume offensive and racist, the teen who goes by the name @emmajohns129 on Twitter immediately removed the photos and apologized to the community.

“I sincerely apologize for my actions. I did not mean to offend anyone with my homecoming costume.”

However, the backlash continued, and the Twitter user eventually set her profile to private before deleting it altogether. Sadly for the teen, it seems the damage was already done, with many Twitter users claiming to have sent letters to not only her high school superintendent but also to the admissions department of the University of Florida, where she had hoped to attend next fall.

There is no word from the University of Florida admissions department or the high school’s superintendent on whether the “insensitive” teen will be punished for her Halloween costume. However, the tweets to the university seem to be continuing to pour in despite the removal of the “offensive” photographs.

The Florida teen isn’t the only one making waves this year for “offensive” and “racist” Halloween costumes. An Alabama teacher apologized after an “error in judgment” during which he donned blackface for a Kanye West costume.

It isn’t just costumes featuring blackface that are causing a stir this year. A school principal and her coach husband were attacked after they posted a picture of their “People of Walmart” costume, which seemed to mock welfare recipients. The husband wore a shirt that included the text “Baby’s Dad,” while the female principal wore a white wife-beater as the pair had “food stamps” hanging from her pockets and mixed race baby dolls along with a sign that read “You wait on pay day, I be waiting for da first of da month!” The school responded to the costume by noting that the costumes were not worn to a school event but rather a private party. They went on to note that appropriate “disciplinary action” had been taken against the two but did not provide details on exactly what actions were taken against the pair.

What do you think about these “offensive” and “racist” Halloween costumes? Should a costume choice be able to ruin your chances of gaining admittance to a university or result in disciplinary action at work if the costume was worn outside of the business?

[Image via Twitter Screenshot @emmajohns129]

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