Phil Collins ‘Raring To Go’ On New Music Following Unretirement

There is something “In the Air Tonight” — Phil Collins is reversing his decision to retire. The longtime Genesis frontman announced his retirement in 2010, stating that he wanted to spend more time being involved in raising his kids. Phil Collins hasn’t released an album since 2002, but he said since healing from the divorce from his third wife, his children were older and were wanting to see what their dad did.

Just five short days out from having major back surgery, Phil Collins told Rolling Stone that “the horse was out of the stable” and that he was looking forward to a comeback.

Phil Collins "Raring To Go" On New Music Following Unretirement
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“I’m no longer officially retired,” he said. “The horse is out of the stable and I’m raring to go.”

The back surgery came about as a result of not being able to move his right foot one morning. Phil Collins said that he had an MRI, and the doctor noticed his back and hips were “just shot.” The musician’s back was essentially taken apart and put back together again in order to bring the musician back to good health.

According to ABC News, while things are currently looking bright for Phil Collins, his time off from music was not necessarily the best of his life. He was divorced in 2008 from his third wife, and he said that the experience drove him to some pretty dark places, which included drinking too much from time to time. As a result, Phil Collins said he has not touched alcohol for three years.

Phil Collins "Raring To Go" On New Music Following Unretirement
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While fans are eager to hear that Genesis might be reuniting in the wake of news about Phil Collins’ unretirement, Collins admitted to a certain degree of confusion about it.

“I love the guys,” he said of his former bandmates. “I would just prefer to do this first. For now, let’s just see how this goes.”

“This” is plans for a new album and a potential tour. First, though, Phil Collins is waiting to see how the public receives his solo reissues, where he even reshot the cover art. He admitted that he was very involved in the process, and whether or not he returns with a new album is partially dependent on how the public views the reissues.

“I’m easily flattered,” he admitted. “If people rediscover the old stuff and show interest, it would be silly to not make more music.”

Phil Collins also said that he’s currently unable to play the drums on any sort of tour, although the doctor responsible for his back surgery said that all Collins would have to do was practice. He said that playing the drums really was not what was important for him.

“No matter what happens, I can go out there, play piano and sing,” he said. “I’m just in a very happy place right now.”

News of Phil Collins returning to hit the music scene anew got attention on social media.

Phil Collins says that his sons are eager to see their dad back on the road and experience the music. In fact, Collins has moved a studio into his home in order to allow his oldest son, Nicholas, to practice with his band, in addition to allowing Collins to practice his own new music. Phil Collins also said that he wanted to give his sons an opportunity to experience his musicianship.

“My kids are now 10 and 14 and they want to see what their dad does,” he said, according to Consequence of Sound. “They love my music and I’d like to take them out so they can enjoy it.”

No tour dates have been announced — those are still up in the air — but the Phil Collins solo reissues have been pushed to January due to his recovery from back surgery. For diehard Phil Collins fans, though, here’s “Sussudio.”

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