Attractive Woman Pretends To Be Drunk On The Streets Of Madrid And Films Men’s Reactions [Video]

An actress pretended to be drunk on the streets of Madrid as part of an experiment to see how men would react to a drunk, vulnerable, and attractive woman alone on the streets. The actress and her colleagues filmed several men who approached her and tried to take advantage of her state of intoxication. Despite the fact that she was evidently drunk, several men offered to buy her more alcohol and made sexual advances towards her.

The video clip uploaded to YouTube on October 27, 2015, by Centro Europeo Neurosalus, shows a young and attractive brunette walking on the streets of Madrid at about 5:30 p.m., drinking from a bottle of beer wrapped in a plastic bag. Several men approach her, and instead of helping, they offer to buy her more alcohol, although it is clear that she is already drunk.

The men also attempt to take her to their hotel rooms.

At the start of the video, the film director explains the purpose, saying that the woman will play “drunken girl” and talk to random men on the busy streets of downtown Madrid to see how they react.

“What you are about to see is something more than just a simple social experiment… This particular situation poses many questions: ‘what could happen, for example, on a Friday or Saturday night?’ before continuing: ‘Will men help her? Let’s see what happens.'”

Four men approach the drunken girl, and she tells them she has lost her friends and that she has no battery on her phone to contact them. The men pretend they want to help her find her friends.

Four Men Approach 'Drunken Girl' In The Streets Of Madrid
Four men pretend they want to help ‘drunken girl’ find her friends [Image via Neurosalus/YouTube]

She tells the men she has been drinking and that she has “had too much to drink.”

The men reveal their motives when they tell her that she needs to drink a little more because she hasn’t taken enough.

In a separate encounter, a man wants to know if that is the first time she is drunk. He looks around furtively as he tries to convince the drunken girl to come with him to a private place where she can sit before she falls over due to drunkenness.

The man takes her by the arm and tries to lead her away.

The next encounter involves two men who want to take her to a place where she can drink more alcohol although they can see that she is already drunk. One of the men hugs her and invites her to a bar to have more drinks. He speaks rapidly and persuasively, saying that after having more drinks, he would help her find her friends and that she can charge her phone battery at his hotel.

Man Tries To Buy More Drinks For 'Drunken Girl'
A man hugs her and invites her to come to a bar and have more drinks [Image via Neurosalus/YouTube]

Yet another man tries to take the drunken girl to his hotel room, saying she can charge her phone there. He puts his arm around her and asks her if she is married. But the drunken girl appears confused and says, “I don’t know where I am.”

She complains about “feeling bad.” She falls against the man, saying she “can’t walk,” yet the man offers to buy her more beer.

The actress feigns surprise at the offer of more beer.

“Even more beer? Do you think I can drink more?” she asks

He assures her she can drink more beer and promises to drink with her. Then he takes her hand and tries to lead her away, saying that after drinking beer they will go to his hotel room.

Man Tries To Take The "Drunken Girl" To His Hotel Room
A man tries to take her to his hotel room, saying she can charge her phone there [Image via Neurosalus/YouTube]

The scariest confrontation occurs when a man in white shirt and dark pants passes the drunken girl leaning against a wall. He stops, asks for her name, and tells her she is beautiful. He leads her around a corner, pushes her against the wall, and begins to cuddle and kiss her.

As the man gets more sexually aggressive, one of the actress’s colleagues is forced to intervene. But thinking that the man is trying to snatch the drunken girl from him so he can have his way with her, he tries to fight to keep her, saying that she is his “customer.”

A Man Tries To Kiss The "Drunken Girl"
A man in a white shirt and dark pants tries to kiss the ‘drunken girl’ [Image via Neurosalus/YouTube]

“Hey, why do you take her? You don’t take her!”

The experiment ends, and the director delivers closing comments. He says he expects that many viewers would be surprised at the behavior of the men and that some might think, mistakenly, that they edited the video to show only those parts where men try to take advantage of the drunken girl.

“Most of you are probably surprised and some of you also disgusted and maybe you are thinking that we have avoided some scenes favoring the most ‘juicy’ parts,” he said. “But I am afraid to deceive you. It really was the opposite. Those situations full of rudeness and physical abuse were taken away because there is no need to show it in such depth. The most disappointing fact is that we had no need to edit the video. Why? Because nobody got close to helping this drunken woman.”

Viewers have expressed different feelings about the video. While most female viewers condemned the behavior of the men, many male viewers showed ambivalence.

Some said they were not surprised about the behavior of the men and that any woman who wanders drunk on the streets of a big city should expect sexual advances from predatory men looking for an easy sexual prey.

“She shows cleavage. She acts very flirty and behaves like a **********. What do you expect? First thing is, don’t get drunk. Do it around people you trust in a safe place.”

Some male viewers expressed the view that the only take away from the video is that women should take care of themselves and avoid situations that put them in danger.

“Not in the slightest bit shocked. If you are a woman and have ever been in a slightly vulnerable position you will know this is the norm.”

“No one, I’m not talking right or wrong, I’m talking about not allowing yourself to be put into a position where things can happen to you.”

Other male viewers expressed anger, alleging that the video attempts to portray all men as sexual predators.

“Not all men are like this. I have witnessed my really decent male friends helping girls in this situation, even fending off the creeps for them… We blame an entire sex for the bad actions of some not so good humans.”

The latest video is similar to another released last year that showed a woman who pretended to the drunk on the streets of Los Angeles to see how men would react.

But after the video went viral, it was revealed that it was a hoax and that the men trying to take advantage of the woman were actors.

[Images via Neurosalus/YouTube]

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