‘General Hospital’ Speculations: The Tale Of Two Weddings, But Will Sam And Patrick Elope Before The Truth Comes Out?

The focus on General Hospital these days is the big Jason Morgan reveal that is happening next week during November sweeps. There are also two upcoming weddings that will be heavily impacted by the truth of who Jake Doe really is.

The wedding of Elizabeth and Jake is coming up next week, with the bride thinking that her secret is safe enough to marry the man that she has loved for many years. But now that a few Port Charles residents already know the truth that she is actually marrying Jason Morgan, it will definitely not end well at all. Then there is Sam, Jason’s wife, who is all set to marry Dr. Patrick Drake. However, those two may have already gotten married before the big reveal, as Celeb Dirty Laundry has noted.

If that is really true, that means Sam will have her new husband by her side when she finds out that her first husband is really not dead after all. CDL did bring up what may have been a revealing clue as seen in Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital. Lucas had asked his sister when the big day will be, and Sam changed the subject quickly without giving him an answer. That is mighty suspicious.

In addition, Elizabeth has been shown planning her big wedding to Jake, but Sam has not mentioned anything at all about her own wedding or being excited about planning one. She has kept quiet about it since Patrick proposed, except to show off her ring. However, Elizabeth did get engaged before Sam, so maybe she just hasn’t really thought much about it yet.

Are Sam and Patrick already married? (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for NATAS)
Are Sam and Patrick already married? [Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for NATAS]

Patrick and Sam are already living together, so maybe it isn’t much of a big deal to them, which is why an elopement makes sense. Of course, the couple could just be waiting until after Liz and Jake’s ceremony to start planning their own. That way it won’t steal any thunder from them. However, it would certainly be a lot more drama if Sam and Patrick have already been pronounced husband and wife before Jason Morgan is revealed.

Even if their marriage would indeed be valid since Jason was declared dead, it would be just as easy to get a divorce and remarry Jason. Now that it has been revealed that Jason Thompson has not renewed his General Hospital contract and is said to be leaving his role as Dr. Drake, this leaves Sam open to being with her first husband. According to Soap Opera Digest, Kimberly McCullough is coming back temporarily to her role as Patrick’s ex-wife, Robin.

The writers have promised that some things will be revealed as far as what Robin Scorpio has been up to since she left Port Charles. Executive Producer Frank Valentini gave viewers a small clue as to what is coming up for this storyline on General Hospital.

“There is some really cool stuff planned for Robin. It’s a race against time and a trio is formed in a desperate attempt to help save a life that hangs in the balance, but that’s all you’re going to get out of me.”

The rumor is that Robin is expected to come back for a bit to clear up some unanswered questions and also that she and Patrick will reunite and leave town together. Fans are not happy that they are losing their favorite leading man and most likely losing little Emma Drake as well. It is doubtful that they would leave their daughter behind, but you just never know what can happen on a soap.

Kimberly McCullough is returning to GH. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
Kimberly McCullough is returning to ‘GH.’ [Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Kimberly McCullough is excited to make her way back to her home on General Hospital. She revealed that she has already been on set taping her scenes. She had this to say, as revealed on ABC.com.

“I can’t wait to get out of my scrubs! Although I can’t promise anything. Either way, I’m back to kick some butt and tell some truths!”

Is she talking about Robin’s own truths, or is it the truth about Jason Morgan? There has been speculation that she is the surprise guest at Elizabeth and Jake’s wedding, so maybe Robin will be the one who spills the truth. She may also get a surprise herself if Patrick has already married Sam before she came back to Port Charles.

These are all speculations on what may happen next week. Fans are way overdue on the Jason Morgan reveal, and they can’t wait to see who spills the beans and what Jason will do with the news on who he really is.

Do you think Sam and Patrick will actually have eloped before the big reveal? What truths do you think Robin Scorpio Drake has in store for when she comes back? Whose life hangs in the balance?

Sound off below your thoughts on what you think will happen next week on General Hospital.

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