Enrique Iglesias Partners With Save The Children

Popular Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias announced that he would be partnering with the Save The Children organization to assist with funding raising efforts.

According to E!, while Enrique Iglesias was on his Sex and Love world tour, he made a stop in Tijuana, Mexico, in May, and while performing, Enrique went to grab a drone and injured his hand. Even though the injury was severe and he was advised to stop the show, Enrique had persons off stage attend to the injury and went on performing for his fans.

The injury appeared to be a serious one, even after it was attended to. It continued to bleed through the bandage. Enrique Iglesias however decided to keep pushing and gave the crowd what they wanted, as he performed for an additional 30 minutes. While performing, Enrique Iglesias used the blood on his hand and painted a heart on his white T-shirt.

After the concert, he was rushed to the airport and an ambulance was awaiting Enrique’s arrival. It appears that his delay in seeking medical attention caused him to lose feeling in his finger. After seeing a specialist in Los Angeles, it was decided that Enrique Iglesias would need reconstructive surgery to correct a fracture that was caused by the drone. Pictures and videos were available all over the internet after the incident, and Enrique Iglesias decided to make good out of this and the buzz that was created.

US News and World Report reports that Enrique Iglesias has teamed up with Save The Children to raise funds by selling white T-shirts with a red heart in the center. This mimics how his blooded shirt looked after he painted the heart in his own blood.

Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Iglesias In His Heart T-Shirt [Image by Enrique Iglesias Website]
Enrique Iglesias is really happy to be making this contribution to this well-known organization.

“I’m extremely excited to partner with Save the Children to help kids who need it the most. My heart goes out to the kids around the world who have lived through a humanitarian crisis and have to rebuild their lives from scratch.”

Enrique Iglesias knows that disasters can affect countries — and their children — for years, and gladly throws his support behind the Save the Children organization.

“We have to take care of those who need us most — children — especially those facing crises around the world. Recovering from the turmoil and loss caused by war or disaster can take years.”

Save the Children is an international non-governmental organization focused on the promoting of children’s rights. They are known for providing relief and helping to support youngsters in developing countries. When situations such as the earthquake in Nepal, the conflict in Syria, and the immigration crisis in Europe, Save the Children is known to intervene to the benefit of kids in these vulnerable situations. The CEO of Save the Children, Carlos Carrazana, focuses on the issues faced by these young ones.

“Many have lost loved ones, their homes and their schools. Some have been separated from their parents and they don’t feel safe. These children are at risk of losing their childhood.”

The Save The Children Heart T-Shirts are now available for sale on Enrique Iglesias’ website for $27.5o. Save the Children will get $12 from each shirt that has been sold. This will be directed to their emergency fund that allows them to pre-position supplies for an immediate response to any crisis that put kids in harm’s way.

It is great when celebrities use the buzz they receive to create a positive spin on society. Hopefully, Enrique Iglesias’ passion will inspire others.

[Image by Samir Hussein / Getty Images]

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