Christina Milian Is Still In Love With Lil Wayne, Couple May Get Back Together

Over a month after quietly splitting up with ex-boyfriend Lil Wayne, American R&B singer Christina Milian finally spoke about their relationship and how things are still good between the two artists.

In an interview on Monday, Oct. 26, Milian, opened up about their status as friends after the breakup.

While the two may have already gone their separate ways at this time, it does not mean that they are far away emotionally.

“We do love each other and I think the best thing to do is preserve our friendship and not ruin it with trying to force it,” the actress said in the interview.

The 34-year-old songwriter also said that she and Lil Wayne, 33, recognize the fact that they are already adults, and that they understand that this time might not be the right time for a romantic relationship.

However, she said that she and her “Start a Fire” collaborator still love each other, and they are “just appreciating each other and just chilling out,” without the emotional drama of a romantic relationship.

Milian went on to say that she was just texting Wayne before the interview. “I literally was just texting him a little while ago. We are still texting each other, checking up on each other,” she said. “We were perfectly fine. The chemistry was still there, it’s not gone at all.”

Aside from revealing her close friendship with the rapper, Milian also shared how she is attracted to the “sweetheart” side of Lil Wayne. She described how she sees the rapper as a “really, really” nice guy.

The actress went on to say that Lil Wayne has “sides” that no one knows about. She said that whenever they are in the right place together, they try to do new things. They are both adventurous and their relationship is spontaneous.

It’s surprising to hear a woman talking so positively and lovingly about her ex-boyfriend. That may be due to reports that the two were not actually having personality or attitude-based differences during the couple’s nearly 12 months of being together.

The “Nothing But Trouble” rapper and Milian were reportedly having problems due to their busy schedules, which left almost no time to see or bond with one another.

In spite of the breakup, Milian is positive that a day will come when it “might be the right time” for both of them.

She also said that right now, she is not putting pressure on one thing, and that she and Lil Wayne are living freely, and they are both “very happy”.

“I feel like if you don’t put too much expectations and too much high hopes into things, everything will fall into place,” she said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Christina Milian and Lil Wayne first began seeing each other in July of last year, after she broke up with fiancé Jas Prince.

According to sources, Milian was too busy with her E! show Grandfathered and at the same time, she was working with her collaboration album with Lil Wayne. The rapper was busy as well with tours “all over the place.”

In an interview earlier this year, Milian shared how in love she was with Wayne, and that she is very inspired because of their relationship.

“Everything works,” she said in an interview in January.

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In addition to being a romantic, Wayne also recognizes Violet, Christina’s daughter with ex The Dream. She said that her daughter was also very much part of their relationship.

To express her love for Wayne, Christina Milian even got a tattoo with the words “Love hard..TnT”, referring to their nicknames, Tina and Tunechi.

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