Ryan Mallett Released By Texans After Failing To Show Up

It looks like backup quarterback for the Houston Texans, Ryan Mallet, has finally pushed his coaches too far. Mallett was already treading on thin ice after he missed a practice earlier in the season. He claimed to have overslept and promised that it would never happen again, but few people could ignore the fact that Mallett’s missed practice came only two days after his rival Brian Hoyer was named starting quarterback for the Texans’ first game of the season. In addition to this, he was late to meetings this past Saturday, blaming his lack of punctuality on heavy traffic.

Things only continued to get worse for Ryan Mallett when he missed the team’s charter flight to Miami on Saturday, as well. The team normally travels together, but because Mallett didn’t make it to the airport in time, they went on without him to prepare for their game against the Miami Dolphins, while Mallett flew in commercially after the rest of his team.

Ryan did not play at all on Sunday’s game against the Dolphins, a game that the Texans lost 44-26. The Texans ended the first half 41-0. Although they were able to finally score some points in the second half of the game, it wasn’t enough to bring them to victory.

Texans coach, Bill O’Brien, wanted to kick Mallett off the team immediately after he proved himself to be unreliable on Saturday, but General Manager Rick Smith did not agree, and Mallett was able to stay on the team a little longer. He was officially released this morning, however, after the Texans were publicly mocked by the media for carrying a player who clearly didn’t respect his position or his team enough to show up.

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It may have taken them a couple of days to come to a decision, but it seems that Houston is not willing to stand for Ryan Mallett’s antics. Mallett previously played for the New England Patriots under Bill Belichick, and there was never any problem with him showing up late or failing to show up at all for anything.

Although Mallett only started two games as the quarterback for the Texans last season (he became injured after that and was out for the rest of the season), things were starting to look up for him recently. Hoyer may have started the Texans’ 2015 season opener, but he was taken out in the fourth quarter and Mallett took the field in his place. Since then, Ryan Mallett has started the last four games for the Texans. It wasn’t until this past weekend that he didn’t get any playing time. He will get the rest of his guaranteed $1.75 million for the year of 2015, but there was nothing in his contract for the year 2016, so he won’t get anything else from the Texans after that.

As of now, the Houston Texans will move forward with only one ready-to-play quarterback on their roster. Brian Hoyer will go back to starting, as the other backup, Tom Savage, is currently on injured reserve and their only other player in that position, Zac Dysert, is on the practice squad.

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The Texans have had their eye on free agent T.J. Yates, though. Yates used to play for Houston back in 2011, when he was their fifth-round draft pick. He started in their first ever playoff win, but was eventually traded to the Atlanta Falcons just before the start of last season. However, ESPN reported that the Texans are now planning to bring him back on board.

Whether the Houston Texans will be able to improve upon their current 2-5 record and salvage what’s left of this season is still up in the air. The only thing we know for sure is that, whatever they end up doing, Ryan Mallett will not be a part of it.

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