‘Grimm’ Spoilers: Get Ready For ‘No More Mr. Nice Grimm’

Grimm will return to NBC with Season 5 on Friday night, and fans should expect to see a very different Nick after the events of the previous season finale. TV Line shared new spoilers for the Season 5 premiere, and the changes to come will definitely have fans dealing with a new series.

During the Grimm Season 4 finale, Nick found his mother’s head in a box, and Trouble was forced to kill Juliette because she was going to kill Nick. Just one of these moments alone would be life-changing, but Nick has lost his mother and the love of his life in one day. That will not be a good thing, but there is hope.

The Grimm Season 5 premiere will pick up immediately from the end of Season 4. TV Line shared a brand new teaser for the episode.

“Picking up immediately after his mother’s beheading and Juliette’s death, Nick is on a frenzied mission and must decide what course he wants to take. In other words: No more Mr. Nice Grimm? Also: Adalind goes into labor, and something is afoot with the Wesen of Portland.”

A sneak peek released by Spoiler TV for Grimm Season 5, Episode 1, titled “The Grimm Identity,” shows the state that Nick is in clearly, and it is not good. He is definitely frantic. After Juliette’s death, masked men in black break in, take Trubel, and knock him out. They also took Juliette’s body.

Is it possible that she is not dead and could return at some point? The disappearance of her body does leave a small opening for that. Nick will call Rosalee and Monroe frantic, but they are shocked at the news of Juliette’s death.

Juliette was not very nice after she turned into a Wesen during the second half of season four, but for the majority of the four seasons of the show – this group of four was very close. Juliette’s death will have a definite impact on everyone.

There won’t be a lot of time to focus on that, though, because Adalind will go into labor during the premiere, and she will have a little boy. Rosalee and Monroe will take on the task of helping her with the baby, according to TV Insider.

The baby will come home to Nick’s on the second episode of the season, but that home is now connected the death of his mother and Juliette. The arrival of his son will have a positive impact on things though.

The baby will help Nick. It will give him something positive to focus on. David Giuntoli revealed that the “baby is the only thing that keeps Nick from lopping off his own head. Having a son grounds him.” He also revealed that Nick is in “a very dark place.” This is far from the place he was in when the series began.

The baby will also have a positive impact on Adalind. The new arrival will change her. She will want to be a good mother, and she will want to have a normal life, according to TV Guide.

Grimm has definitely managed to become one of the top shows on NBC. The series does well in a time slot that has been known to kill most series. Grimm has loyal fans that have been waiting for the return of the series since the credits rolled on the series finale. This Halloween weekend, they have a premiere treat.

What do you think? Are you excited about the return of Grimm to NBC?

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