New Dell XPS 15 Could Be A MacBook Pro And Surface Book Killer

Dell’s new XPS 15 will arrive in stores on November 2, and could be the go-to laptop of the holiday season. It is the bigger version of this year’s successful Dell XPS 13, which has thrilled both consumers and critics. It has a 15.6-inch 4K UHD screen, an Intel i7 6th generation processor, and has the dimensions of a 14-inch laptop.

Early reviews are starting to come in for Dell’s latest laptop. The Verge is fascinated by the XPS 15’s display.

“The first thing you notice about the XPS 15 is the edge-to-edge display. Dell has gone one step further here and added 4K; it’s simply beautiful.”

The Verge adds that the lack of bezels is even more noticeable than it was on the XPS 13. They also note that the color gamut of the display can achieve 100 percent minimum Adobe RGB, which means that colors really stand out and the viewing angles are excellent.

Joanna Stern of the Wall Street Journal is fascinated with the Dell XPS 15’s trackpad. She notes that one of the biggest problems with Windows PCs has been the lack of a great trackpad — at least compared to the ones used on MacBook laptops. She notes that laptop makers have teamed up with Microsoft to fix the trackpad problems on new Windows 10 machines, and the Dell XPS 15 is proof of how those efforts have paid off.

The Inquirer likes the Dell XPS 15’s keyboard.

“The Dell XPS 15’s keyboard has good travel, allowing us to type rapidly with ease. Unlike some other laptops we’ve tested recently, the XPS 15’s keyboard had no trouble registering keystrokes. The well-spaced layout of the keyboard and the smaller chassis means that the XPS will be comfortable to use.”

Many people had written Dell off until earlier this year, when they unveiled the Dell XPS 13 — possibly the best reviewed laptop of the year. BGR, which is known as an “Apple fanboy” site, even said the XPS 13 was a MacBook Air killer.

“I can say that the new Dell XPS 13 is good enough to pry a MacBook from my — albeit animate — hands. I’ve been using the redesigned 2015 XPS 13 for the last several months and it was surprisingly easy to relegate my MacBook to backup status.”

International Business Times actually called the XPS 13 a MacBook Pro killer, and the specs of the higher-end Dell XPS 13 do compare to the specs of many of the 2015 13-inch MacBook pro units. At first, many users complained about problems with the trackpad, even calling the device unusable. However, Dell had updated the trackpad drivers by July, and used the criticism to create an even better trackpad for the new XPS 15.

Microsoft Surface Book
The Dell XPS 15 is being compared to Microsoft’s new Surface Book, even though it has a larger screen. [Photo via Daryl Deino]
Dell’s new XPS 15 will not only compete with Apple’s MacBook Pro, but Microsoft’s new Surface Book, as well. Even though the Surface Book has a smaller 13.5 inch screen, Dell’s laptop is only slightly bigger because of the lack of bezels. According to Forbes, the Surface Book, which was released on Monday, has been hit with early problems. The most significant problem is that on some web pages, the screen keeps changing its tint as the user scrolls down.

Hopefully, the XPS 15 won’t be filled with many bugs, but some problems always exist when a new product is put into the marketplace. Let’s hope Dell learned their lesson with the XPS 13 and doesn’t run into problems that could affect their brand. Which laptop would you rather have — the Dell XPS 15, the MacBook Pro, or the Microsoft Surface Book? Let us know in the comments section.

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