Douglas ‘Doug’ Clark: Carol Bundy Died In Prison In 2003, Sex-Addicted Sunset Slayer Still On California’s Death Row

Doug Clark and Carol Bundy, the Sunset Strip killers who are now the subject of a new television series, have many people wondering where they are now. Doug Clark and Carol Bundy are the notorious duo who were responsible for the murders of several young girls and women in California in the early 1980s. Finally captured and convicted in 1983, Douglas Clark is still on death row while his former lover and companion, Carol Bundy, is deceased, according to History.

Out of all the people he killed, Douglas Clark is still living. His hair is all gray, but, he still has those haunting dark eyes. [Image via Killing Time/Facebook]
By all accounts, Douglas Clark was a handsome man who had no problem getting women, and he had these dark, intense eyes that either repelled people immediately or attracted the person to him even more. Carol, on the other hand, was quite matronly and ordinary. Someone like Doug Clark giving her all that attention was just what she needed to make her feel good about herself. Don’t be fooled. Carol Bundy was matronly, but she had her share of lovers, too.

But there was something different about Doug Clark, whom she met in a club one night, where she was immediately attracted to his charisma and his smooth way of talking. What she didn’t know was that Doug had already scoped her out. His keen sense of spotting vulnerable women was a skill that he developed even in high school. Those who remember Clark say that he had a high IQ and had a way about him that made you more curious about who he was. And in the bedroom, they say Doug Clark was really something — prolific, deeply passionate, and many times, downright brutal when he sexed his women. This is one of the reasons that Carol Bundy was immediately taken by Clark. She had never experienced lovemaking quite like that before.

Once he had her hooked on him sexually, it wasn’t long before he started to slowly confide in her about his twisted fantasies. His confidence in Carol was more than that, he was using it as a means to control her even more, according to experts on the subject. Telling her things that he claimed to have told no one else made Carol Bundy feel special, leading her to be willing to do anything to please her man. A short time later, she began going on ride-alongs with Douglas Clark to pick out new victims to have sex with and eventually kill. Most of the time, the victims were prostitutes and runaways that society had forgotten.

At times, Douglas Clark wanted children to sexually molest — young girls who were nowhere close to the age of consent. This didn’t seem to bother Carol Bundy, also a victim of sexual molestation by her own father after her mother died. It was as if somehow these two individuals, masked as human beings, were destined to meet, creating the most toxic and demonic mix that Sunset Blvd had ever seen.

Here are some of their victims. June 1980 — stepsisters 15-year-old Gina Narano and 16-year-old Cynthia Chandler disappeared from Huntington Beach. Their bodies were discovered the next day next to the Ventura Freeway. Both girls had sustained gunshot wounds to the head.

24-year-old Karen Jones was a prostitute on the Los Angeles Sunset Strip. Detectives discovered her dead body behind a restaurant. She was also shot in the head.

20-year-old Exxie Wilson, was another prostitute who crossed paths with Carol and Doug in 1980. Her headless body was found dumped in Studio City. That same year, snake hunters found the body of a 17-year-old prostitute named Marnette Comer in the San Fernando Valley area. Her remains were found in a mummified state.

Jack Murray, also known as 45-year-old John Robert Murray, was one of Carol Bundy’s lovers. An autopsy report indicated that he had been decapitated and stabbed to death because he knew too much about Doug Clark’s crimes.

Carol Bundy,, the ex-lover to serial killer Douglas ‘Doug’ Clark is dead. [Image via: Killing Time/Facebook]
These are just some of the victims. Carol Bundy told police that Doug Clark stated that he had killed over 40 people since he was a teenager. Ultimately, Clark was sentenced to death for the murders of six people. Carol Bundy was found guilty in the deaths of two, including her former lover. She sat in prison serving a sentenced of 52 years to life, until her own death in 2003 at the age of 61. The cause of death was listed as natural causes. Other sources cite the cause as heart failure.

Serial killers Douglas Clark and Carol Bundy have been the topic of several books, movies and TV shows, including an episode of Law and Order and Oxygen’s Snapped. Inquisitr reported earlier today that the new television series Wicked City is based on their case.

[Image via From The Beginning To The Devil/Facebook]

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