Jimmy Fallon Explains New Injured Hand On ‘The Tonight Show’

Jimmy Fallon sure knows how to turn an awkward situation into a barrel of laughs. As the Inquisitr reported, Fallon, who at this point should be put in a bubble and supervised, injured his other hand recently while receiving an award from Harvard.

Jimmy Fallon, or “Jimmy Fall-in,” as some of his fans have taken to calling him, was being honored at Harvard. The Tonight Show host was at a celebration where he tripped and fell, injuring his other hand and cutting two fingers.

Although initial headlines stated that he was rushed to the hospital, it wasn’t as dire as his last accident that left him being rushed into emergency surgery after he suffered a ring avulsion when his ring finger got caught on a countertop and was almost dismembered. The incident left him in recovery for a week, followed by a series of different splints on his finger. Prior to that, he had injured himself while making homemade salsa.

While many are starting to wonder what’s up with Jimmy Fallon, the host decided to explain the latest incident, and couldn’t help but to make a joke out of it for his Tonight Show audience. He emerged wearing a construction worker’s hat as he addressed the audience saying, “Welcome to The Tonight Show. I am your host, Trippy Fallon.”

He continued, “This time, I injured my other hand right after getting an award from Harvard. Even after getting into Harvard, I still embarrass my parents.” Fallon explained the situation. Earlier reports on Twitter said Jimmy was three sheets to the wind, but Fallon explained that he tripped over a girl that had been leaning over. He didn’t see the girl, and to save his bad hand, he threw a bottle of Jagermeister on the floor, and put his good hand out, which wound up breaking his fall.

According to Fallon, he fell on broken glass. He thought he was okay once he got up, and posed for some more photos. Afterward, he was taken to the hospital to see if he had any glass in his hand. Of the injury, he said there was “pools of blood everywhere.” Despite injuring himself, Fallon said that he had “the best time.”

As stated, this isn’t the first time Jimmy has escaped danger. With his ring avulsion, Fallon was very lucky to keep his finger intact. Although, from last night’s show you can see that his finger is still purple, he at least has all five digits. When he spoke about his ring avulsion over the summer, he explained just how lucky he was.

“This happens a lot, and usually they cut your finger off … So [the doctor] did surgery for like six hours. It was microsurgery, so under a microscope. He had to take a vein out of my foot … and put it in my finger … If you do one mis-stitch as you’re putting it together, the vein closes up and you screwed it up and it’s not going to happen. But he did it and he saved my finger.”

That said, fans are sticking up for Jimmy, and saying that these injuries are attributed to Fallon’s clumsiness and not an alleged drinking problem.

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