‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Keeps Pushing, Dillon Feels The Pressure, And Julian Embraces Leo

What can viewers expect from Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers share that there are some touching moments ahead, but there is plenty of drama on the way as well. Viewers will not want to miss this October 27 show.

General Hospital spoilers via She Knows Soaps detail that there is a confrontation ahead between Sam and Nikolas. They may be family, but they are at odds right now with the big secret regarding Jake Doe’s real identity between them. Sam has been digging into Jake’s past and as fans know, Nikolas holds the key to the truth. However, during Tuesday’s episode, he will tear into her for meddling in his business.

Nik may be trying to pressure Sam into backing off, but General Hospital spoilers tease that she will get an update from Spinelli, indicating that they are on the right track. ABC executive Nathan Varni teased via Twitter that Sam and Spinelli will be getting a bit closer to uncovering the truth in this episode.

As fans have seen, Julian finally knows the truth about baby Leo, and he has struck a deal with Olivia regarding involvement in the boy’s life. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Tuesday’s episode will bring some moments with Olivia, Dante, and Lulu, but it seems that Dante will be flustered over his mom’s praise.

Olivia will have a request for Lulu and Dante, but apparently he won’t entirely know what to make of it all. Of course, this really has little to do with Olivia or Leo and much more to do with all of the guilt he is carrying over his fling with Valerie and the plans Lulu is pursuing regarding another pregnancy. From the sounds of things, this is all going to explode on Dante very soon.

Hayden has been making some interesting moves lately, and she isn’t done yet. General Hospital spoilers indicate that during Tuesday’s show, she will manage to garner an invitation to Elizabeth and Jake’s wedding. It seems she will manage to score the opportunity to be Nikolas’ guest, but most would imagine she’s got plans for the big event that go beyond just being on Nik’s arm.

Additional General Hospital spoilers share that Paul will stop by Anna’s place, and he surely won’t be a particularly welcome guest. However, it seems that Emma will be trying on Halloween costumes and that may keep things from getting too tense. Ultimately, however, fans can be sure that Paul has a message for Anna that will raise her blood pressure a bit.

Julian spends time with baby Leo in Tuesday’s show, giving him some time with Alexis, Sam, and Lucas as well. Elsewhere in Port Charles, Sabrina’s pregnancy news causes additional waves. She gets emotional with Michael, and once Tracy catches wind of the news, she’s got a few words to share with Michael, Sabrina, and Monica.

There’s more coming regarding Dillon and Dante in Tuesday’s show, as well. Dillon knows about Dante and Valerie, but for now he has promised to keep the secret. However, General Hospital spoilers tease a confrontation coming that may lead Dillon to change his mind.

In addition, the secret Dillon is keeping will impact his ability to continue his film in the way he wants. General Hospital spoilers detail that Maxie will hold the key to giving Dillon the funding he needs. However, she knows that he has been holding something back from her, and she is seemingly ready to push him hard to give up what he knows.

The truth on this front is going to come out very soon, and this will surely cause issues on many fronts. It sounds as if Maxie will learn that Nathan knew about Dante and Valerie, but didn’t tell her. Could this spell big trouble for Maxie and Nathan in addition to chaos for Lulu and Dante?

It’s clear to viewers to there are a lot of secrets ready to explode throughout Port Charles in the next few weeks. How will it all come together? Fans can’t wait to see just what comes next on General Hospital as it all plays out in the weeks ahead.

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