Shout Factory Acquires Video Time Machine iOS App

Shout Factory, best known for its pop-culture and retro apps announced on Monday that it has acquired the Video Time Machine iOS app. The app was developed by Original Victories Inc. which sold its classic movie and TV platform for an undisclosed amount of money.

The $2.99 app is now expected to make the jump from Apple to Android under the company’s guidance and Shout Factory is said to already be scouting out potential sponsorship deals for its newly acquired platform.

If you are unfamiliar with Video Time Machine the program lets users look at commercials, trailers, classic film clips, and TV show scenes by searching for a certain year and genre.

Also part of the deal are the Political Time Machine and Holiday Time Machine apps which serve up political content and holiday-themed options. Political Time machine has more than 2,500 political videos that go back more than 100 years.

Shout Factory president Garson Foos told the Hollywood Reporter that the app:

“Can go in a lot of different directions, and probably not in any that we’re thinking about right now.”

According to a Shout Factory company statement:

“As we continue to expand our footprint in sharing our pop culture faves across all major entertainment platforms, this is a dynamic business opportunity and positions us well to provide a unique entertainment experience at a time of exciting change in the entertainment industry.”

You can currently take advantage of Video Time Machine apps on iPads, iPod Touch and iPhone based devices.

Do you think this was a smart acquisition on behalf of Shout Factory?

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