Lamar Odom Reportedly Wants To Share Brush With Death On ‘KUWTK’

Lamar Odom reportedly wants to share his near-death experience on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Although social media users were initially furious about the idea of the Kardashians rushing to Lamar’s side at Sunrise Hospital with a camera crew in tow, a source insists he’s on board with the idea.

According to Hollywood Life, Lamar Odom reportedly wants to raise awareness about depression, addiction, the sex industry, and the possible outcome of drug use. He reportedly wants to share his riveting story with the world, first-hand. An inside source has reportedly spoken with the celebrity news publication about Lamar’s decision. The source also offered insight on Lamar’s perspective of the future.

“Slowly but surely, Lamar’s coming to terms with his reality and wrapping his head around the totality of his near-death experience. He knows he escaped death. He doesn’t want this to happen to himself again or to anyone else for that matter – which is why he’s on board with his entire situation being filmed and recorded for KUWTK.”

Lamar Odom also feels indebted to Khloe for being by his side during such a traumatic event in his life. However, that’s not all. The former NBA star also wants to pay homage to his beloved friends, Jamie and Bobby. For those who don’t know, Lamar suffered tremendous losses this year with the death of both his friends. His close friends Jamie Sangouthais and Bobby Heyward both died less than a week apart in June of 2015.

Sangouthais, who also appeared on Khloe and Lamar, died of “a flesh-eating bacterial skin infection (necrotizing faciitis), as well as IV drug abuse” on June 14, according to US magazine. Then just six days later, Bobby Heyward passed away on June 20. According to Radar Online, Heyward’s autopsy report was inconclusive, but it was speculated that his death was the result of a drug overdose. Some news outlets have also speculated that the deaths of both Sangouthais and Heyward actually hastened Lamar’s downward spiral. Since his two friends are unable to share their experiences with the world, Lamar feels obligated to share his near-death experience with the world on their behalf.

“He owes it himself, to Khloe but more importantly, he owes this to Jamie and Bobby. They weren’t so lucky. They’re not able to tell their stories about addiction. Lamar is. And he wants to help educate people and show them the mistakes and horrible choices he’s made so that people learn from him.”

While many social media users who loathe the Kardashians insist Lamar Odom’s footage will only be for the purpose of better ratings, the source argues otherwise. Due to the show’s staggering number of viewers, Lamar reportedly feels the audience provides an “excellent platform” to raise awareness.

“He thinks the show would be an excellent platform to that with the hopes of preventing viewers from traveling down the path he did.”

The news follows rumored reports about Khloe and Lamar’s future together. According to SugarScape, the two are actually making plans to move in together once Lamar is released from the hospital. However, the rumors have yet to be confirmed. It has been reported that Lamar will require months of rehabilitation so their move may not happen for quite some time.

However, it has been confirmed that the couple has decided to call off their divorce and are working to save their marriage in the wake of Lamar Odom’s brush with death.

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