CGI Batsuit? ‘Batman V Superman’ Armored Batsuit Is Reportedly All CGI

A new report claims that the armored Batsuit in Batman v Superman is not exactly what it seems.

Batman News reports that the armored Batsuit worn by Ben Affleck to fight against the Man of Steel in the highly-anticipated 2016 film is actually all computer-generated imagery (CGI).

According to the report, the news of the CGI Batsuit is confirmed in the December issue of Total Film. In order to make sure that Ben Affleck was still able to maintain his agility, the CGI armored outfit was apparently a better fit than trying to place the Oscar winner inside of an actual suit.

“You can move freely, and they can put [the suit] on digitally … It’s a little more humiliating to wear, but it’s easier for the digital effects guys. You can see who the priority is.”

Ben Affleck referred to the motion capture suit as “visual effects pajamas” that were also the “most humiliating, ridiculous thing in the world.” This might shock Batman fans that were excited to see Ben Affleck actually wearing the armored suit on the big-screen — especially since a physical version of the outfit was developed and displayed at Comic-Con events.

However, it more than likely would have been very difficult for Ben Affleck to act while wearing such a heavy suit on set. On camera, it may have looked more like a Batman robot moving around instead of Batman — especially with a limited speed and range of mobility.

When you hear about CGI suits and costumes, though, there is one in particular that might pop up — like a painful thorn in a person’s side.

That’s right: Green Lantern!

Actor Ryan Reynolds wore a motion capture suit while filming the 2011 movie, Green Lantern. The fact that his costume was made completely out of CGI is something that still sticks to the minds of the people that saw it — including Ryan himself.

During a press junket for his 2015 film, Self/Less, Ryan had the chance to open up to Screen Rant about why he preferred the Deadpool costume over his Green Lantern outfit.

As an actor, Reynolds said that wearing the motion capture suit while filming was “brutal.” On the other hand, wearing the Deadpool costume gave him an added benefit that was not possible when he was Green Lantern.

“It’s brutal doing a film where you’re wearing a motion capture suit for the whole time… But, like – a lot of people relate to [Deadpool] because he has cancer. So we worked a lot with the Make a Wish Foundation and those kids would come on set… When I’d walk out in that suit, you’d watch their minds explode, and that felt amazing. And that’s something I never really got to experience before… I didn’t even get to see the Green Lantern suit until the first trailer.”

Ryan even took a subtle jab at the Green Lantern suit in one of the trailers for his upcoming anti-hero film, Deadpool.

The CGI used in the battle scene between General Zod and Superman in Man of Steel also presents room for additional debate over whether or not the CGI Batsuit in the film’s follow-up sequel will work successfully.

However, producer Deborah Snyder opened up in an interview with Total Film about how that problem was addressed and apparently resolved for Batman v Superman.

“We were able to do [so] much more with the digital doubles in ‘Batman v Superman’ than we could do before, and that wasn’t that long ago.”

Chances are that Batman v Superman fans and critics will not determine whether or not they should worry about the armored Batsuit being made from CGI until the movie is released in March. However, at that time, it might be too late.

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