Leah Messer Frantic After Losing Custody Of Twins, But Will ‘Teen Mom’ Star Also Lose Custody Of Youngest Daughter?

Leah Messer recently received the heartbreaking news that she has lost primary custody of her twin girls. Now, the Teen Mom 2 reality TV star is seeking to compensate for no longer having Ali and Aleeah, who are 6-years-old, during the school week. But Leah, at 23, may have a challenging time erasing what has happened in her rocky recent past, points out Radar Online.

Messer has been going onto social media to try to prove her good mothering habits. Leah shared a photo of good-for-the-girls treats and nicely arranged backpacks as well as her penned notes to the twins for the upcoming start of the school week.

“My Dearest Aleeah Grace, Mommy hopes you have a great day at school and you give your all! I love you with all of my heart,” penned Messer.

“My dearest Ali, Mommy hopes you are having [an] amazing day at school! I love you with all my heart!” Leah wrote to her other twin daughter.

The change in custody follows a long period of claims that Messer was an unfit mother. Now, earlier this month, those allegations reportedly resulted in the transfer of primary custody to the twins’ daddy, who is 25-year-old Corey Simms.

Leah Messer fights for custody of twins.
Leah Messer fights for custody of twins. (Image via MTV/Teen Moms 2)

Charges against Leah included taking her twins to school late, not following up on scheduled appointments with physicians for one of the twins, Ali, who is disabled, battling with another former husband, Jeremy Calvert, while the children were watching and delaying their supper time until midnight even during the school week.

But going from allegations of bad mommy to good mommy to change the custody ruling won’t happen based on notes packed with school lunches because reports indicate that the judge has limited Messer’s time with the twins to the weekends.

Leah Messer makes it clear: It's not easy being a "Teen Mom."
Leah Messer makes it clear: It’s not easy being a “Teen Mom.” (Image via MTV/Teen Mom 2)

The change in custody follows a stay in rehab in June. Leah allegedly had a problem with prescription pain medicine. During her treatment, Messer completed her divorce with husband number two (Jeremy) and began a relationship with a 32-year-old personal trainer.

But with the change in custody for the twins, can Leah hold onto custody for the two-year-old daughter that she shares with Calvert? In Touch Weekly revealed that an insider shared that new concerns have arisen about tiny Adalynn, affectionately known as Addie. And that means Messer could potentially no longer have primary custody of Addie in addition to losing custody of the twins.

“Everyone is very worried about Addie,” commented the insider. “She recently wandered out of the house while Leah was distracted. Thankfully, a police officer found Addie and brought her home.”

One issue for Calvert is his career. Jeremy currently works as a pipeline engineer, and that profession means he must travel away from home frequently. To increase the chances that he can receive primary custody of Addie just as Corey did of the twins, Calvert is seeking a new position near home. Jeremy reportedly wants to change the custody situation for his daughter so that it parallels that of Corey’s and his twins.

Dr. Drew analyzes Leah Messer.
Dr. Drew analyzes Leah Messer. (Image via MTV/Teen Moms)

But is there hope for Leah? Messer recently was analyzed by Teen Moms guru, Dr. Drew, as the Inquisitr reported.

“I was expecting progress,” admitted Dr. Drew on Rachael Ray. “I certainly wish her the best. She is working very hard. It’s been a terribly painful and stressful time for her.”

Dr. Drew described Messer as dedicated to parenting, and he revealed that he most recently encountered Leah at a reunion show for Teen Mom stars.

“She is a dedicated mother,” insisted the addiction expert. “If you saw the last reunion show, which is the last time I had contact with her, I believed she was making some progress.”

But that reunion show did include noticeable drama between Corey Simms (Leah’s ex-husband), his new wife Miranda, and Leah. Despite that conflict, Dr. Drew insists that he thought Messer was improving.

What do you think? Did Leah deserve to lose primary custody of the twins and should Jeremy fight to have primary custody of Addie? Post your Teen Mom views below.

[Image Via Leah Messer/Twitter]

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