Glen Rice Jr. Gets Shot At Rapper TI’s Scales 925 Restaurant, Former NBA Player Arrested Near Crime Scene [Update]

Hip hop artist TI’s new Scales 925 restaurant in Atlanta, which first opened its doors a few months ago, was involved in a shooting incident that left one person injured Sunday night.

In a report, former NBA player Glen Rice Jr. was shot in the leg, although police who responded to the scene had to arrest him upon finding marijuana in a black bag that was believed to have belonged to him.

Prior to the shooting incident, five to six men were seen engaged in a verbal argument on the Scales 925 restaurant’s deck patio. Employees asked them to leave, but they only continued their argument outside.

A man wearing a red shirt then brought out a handgun and shot Rice in the leg. The shooter is still on the loose as of press time.

An earlier report mentioned that Rice did not know who shot him. The entire argument and shooting scene were captured on surveillance cameras in the area.

Upon responding to the scene, authorities reported pulling over a Porsche driven by a man who was allegedly trying to bring Rice to a nearby hospital. Police reportedly saw a black duffel bag that contained 240 grams of marijuana, $6,000 in cash, and a passport that belongs to Rice.

Police then transported the 24-year-old Rio Grande Valley Vipers guard to Grady Hospital.

Two crime scenes were reportedly set up – one at 30 Ivan Allen Boulevard at Scales 925’s parking lot, and another at 68 Linden Ave where the Porsche car was parked.

In the report, Rice even tried to get rid of the handgun, which was a Smith & Wesson revolver that was used to shoot his left leg. However, authorities eventually found the weapon by tracing a trail of blood coming from his open wound.

Police also suspected that the revolver was stolen from Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Hip hop star and actor T.I. was not at the scene, nor was he at his Scales 925 restaurant during the verbal and physical altercation.

This is not the first time Glen Rice Jr. was involved in a shooting incident. The son of NBA great Glen Rice was charged with permitting unlawful operation of a vehicle in 2012 after his passenger accidentally fired his 9mm handgun.

Authorities reportedly pulled him over, and afterwards arrested Rice’s passenger. The issue led to Rice being expelled from the Georgia Tech basketball team.

“Everybody makes mistakes,” the younger Rice told an report in 2013. “I made mine. The most important thing was to own it, accept it, and try to learn from it, which I have.”

In addition, Rice also said that he is ready to move forward, and that the incident made him stronger, citing the popular line “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

NBA legend Glen Rice also shared his two cents about the incident, saying that it was the wake up call his son needed, and that he thanked God that his son was able to realize his mistakes. Incidentally, his passenger in the 2012 incident was Steven Pryor, who is the same man who was driving him from the Scales 925 restaurant after getting shot.

The young Glen Rice had a brief stint in the NBA, playing only 16 games with the Washington Wizards, averaging 2.9 points and 1.8 rebounds. He was waived by the team in January 2015.

Rice had an annual salary of $496,000 during his short stint with the Wizards. After getting waived, he was reportedly considering playing overseas. He returned to the D-League to play for the Vipers.

However, the Scales 925 incident on Sunday might be another major setback for the former NBA player.

Editor’s Note: Scales 925 contacted the Inquisitr’s editorial team and offered the below-copied statement.

“The events that happened near Scales 925 is severely disconcerting. Our staff noticed a heightened exchange between patrons and they were asked to leave. An altercation between the individuals of no affiliation with Scales 925 seemed to have led to an unfortunate escalation in a public area near our restaurant. We commend our team on the swift and professional handling of the incident and on ensuring that the safety and well being of our patrons and staff remain a priority. We were saddened to learn about Mr. Rice’s injury and wish him the absolute best with his personal injury and situation. The Scales 925 family condemns any act of violence and will always adhere to best practices to safeguard our patrons and staff. We encourage the public and media to continue to responsibly get any additional facts on this unfortunate incident from the authorities, as we plan to do the same.”

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