Shannon Beador Gives Her Side of Alleged Fight With David’s Mistress

Reports came out this week that Shannon Beador had an altercation with David’s ex-mistress this weekend at a football game. Now, the reality star from The Real Housewives of Orange County is sharing her side of the story with People. This entire season has talked about Shannon and David working on their marriage after he cheated on her. Shannon has never denied the fact that he had an affair, and the couple is working on salvaging their relationship. Shannon shared that all the couple wants is to move forward.

While at the USC Trojan football game this past weekend in Los Angeles, sitting just 10 rows in front of them was Nicole McMackin along with her husband. Shannon did share that this is actually the woman David had an affair with during their marriage. Shannon wanted to share her side of the story and let fans know exactly what went down over the weekend at the game.

“We’re boosters. We’ve had these tickets for 10 years in the same place. They were aware of that. We just don’t understand why they’d choose tickets in a huge stadium that are right in front of us. They said I was screaming at them during pre-game warmups. We got there after the game started so that isn’t true!”

Shannon Beador wants everyone to know that she never actually touched Nicole, regardless of what reports say about what happened this past weekend. The second they ran into each other, everyone started to share the story about their confrontation. Shannon went on to explain exactly what happened between them.

“I was coming down the stairs after using the restroom and she was coming through the tunnel and we literally were inches apart. I very calmly said, ‘You have a lot of nerve being here Nicole.’ I thought, I always say nothing and I have to tell her I’ve had it and she needs to stop flaunting herself in front of me.”

Beador went on to explain all of the details from her perspective. Shannon said Nicole screamed at her, pointed her finger in her face and yelled “F*** You.” After that, Shannon got mad and did yell to the world that Nicole was the woman that David had an affair with, because at that exact moment she wanted everyone to know. Yes, some of their altercation was exactly as reported this weekend. This was the first time Shannon Beador had revealed her name and now everyone knew who David had an affair with.

Nicole actually joined the same sports club that Shannon and David Beador go to, but Shannon said that they avoid her at all costs. This couple is trying to move on with their marriage, but Shannon isn’t sure Nicole is trying to do the same considering they keep showing up at the same place. Shannon Beador is now moving forward and hopes their marriage will continue to just get better from now on.

Heavy shared that Vicki Gunvalson revealed that everyone knew about Shannon Beador’s husband. They didn’t keep quiet about their marriage problems. When Vicki told her brother about it, she didn’t feel like she was betraying Shannon Beador because people did already know about the affair. Vicki and Shannon may have their problems, but this doesn’t seem to be like it should be one of them.

Are you shocked that Shannon Beador ran into David’s mistress and was willing to confront her? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss the rest of RHOC reunion on Monday nights on Bravo. The rest of this season is going to be worth watching that is for sure.

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