WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Extremely Angry At Brock Lesnar, But Not For Blood At ‘Hell In A Cell’

Hell In A Cell brought about a lot of action and the main event brought forth a lot of blood. Since WWE went to PG levels, blood has been something that the company has tried to avoid showing on television. On Sunday night, Brock Lesnar was cut open and bleeding quite heavily, Vince McMahon was angry during Lesnar’s match with The Undertaker, but it had to do with something else.

The match between Lesnar and Undertaker was violent and extremely intense, and it ended with the “Beast Incarnate” getting the victory. He was busted open and Bleacher Report states that he ended up needing nine staples to close the gaping wound on top of his head.

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Initial reports were that both Vince McMahon and WWE executive vice president Kevin Dunn “freaked out” when Lesnar got bloodied up. Later in the match, The Undertaker ended up bleeding from his head as well.

It’s not known exactly what kind of medical aid was given to Undertaker after the match, but Lesnar needed some serious help.

Come to find out that the blood was not the big reason that Vince McMahon was “furious” at Brock Lesnar at Hell In A Cell. According to WrestleZone, McMahon was not happy about the blood, but something else during the match got him truly angry.

Lesnar began bleeding and a WWE doctor ran into the ring to check on him. As soon as the doctor got in the ring to tend to the wounds, Lesnar shoved the doctor out of the way. This is what ended up getting McMahon extremely mad.

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It is being reported that Lesnar shoving the doctor was a complete and total shoot. It was not scripted and not supposed to happen, but he did it anyway. Lesnar was apparently not happy about the doctor getting involved and slowing down the fast-pace of the match.

McMahon was most mad about Lesnar pushing the doctor, and not just with the blood. It’s also not suspected within WWE that Lesnar bladed during the match even though rumors are flying around that he did.

Everyone in WWE is fully aware of the very strict policy of not blading in matches, and no-one within the company thinks that he did.

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Even though there was anger directed at both men in the main event for the blood and other reasons, Vince McMahon apparently said nothing to either one of them. The match was said to have come off really well and applauded by those backstage so the anger was kept back.

Now, The Undertaker is moving on to a feud of some kind with The Wyatt Family and it is likely going to culminate at Survivor Series. It is then that WWE will celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Undertaker’s debut with the company.

As for Lesnar? There is nothing really rumored to be planned for him at this time. It’s been said that Hell In A Cell is going to be the final date of 2015 for Brock Lesnar, but that isn’t confirmed. It was also rumored that it would be the last date this year for The Undertaker as well, but that’s not proving true either.

With the draw that Brock Lesnar brings to WWE and the fact that he’s already on a reduced schedule, it isn’t likely that he’ll be punished in any way.

Brock Lesnar may have brought forth a lot of anger from Vince McMahon due to heavily bleeding and shoving the doctor at Hell In A Cell, but it all made the match even better. The Undertaker will be on TV again soon, but fans may not see Lesnar for a while.

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