David Beador & Nicole McMackin: New Details Regarding ‘RHOC’ Shannon’s Fight With Husband’s Mistress

David Beador’s wife, Shannon, revealed during The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 that she had discovered her husband was having an affair in April of last year. At the time, Shannon said she suspected David Beador was cheating, but it wasn’t until she found receipts in his briefcase that he admitted to sleeping with another woman.

Throughout filming, Shannon and David Beador were candid about their relationship, and David’s infidelity, and showcased a number of their therapy sessions, as well as some of their personal moments together, and with their family. Then, after filming, Shannon confirmed she and David Beador’s marriage was intact, and better than ever.

Unfortunately, they went through what appears to have been a brutal moment with David Beador’s mistress over the weekend. According to a new report, Shannon and David Beador attended a USC football game on Saturday, and also in attendance was David Beador’s mistress, whom the Daily Mail identified as Nicole McMackin weeks ago.

“Shannon and [David Beador] have had their USC seats for years and Nicole knew that they loved going to the games because she sees that they constantly post photos every single time they are at a USC game,” a source revealed to Radar Online on October 26.

According to the report, David Beador’s mistress, who was also married at the time of their affair, and remained committed to her husband, Reed, allegedly began going to the USC football games in an effort to make a scene with Shannon and David Beador.

“Nicole only started going to watch the games after her affair started with [David Beador]. She got seats that were in front of theirs and Shannon thinks it seems like it was on purpose, so that [David Beador] would have to see her every single time that they went!”

As Shannon and David Beador attempted to have a fun day with their friends, whom Shannon shared photos of on Instagram throughout the day, McMackin was reportedly going out of her way to make sure that The Real Housewives of Orange County couple was aware of her presence.

“On Saturday, it seemed like Nicole was going out of her way to be seen by Shannon and [David Beador]. She was laughing really loud and pointing at them and making a complete scene. The worst part is that she was there with her husband.”

As the source continued, it was noted that David Beador’s wife, Shannon, was “so upset” at McMackin’s actions, and confused about why she wouldn’t simply go away. Although Shannon knows David Beador is no longer in contact with the woman, she reportedly “keeps popping up all over the place,” which has been extremely frustrating for both Shannon and David Beador, who have been working for months on their marriage.

David Beador and McMackin met in September 2013, and hit it off immediately. The pair, who live just 20 minutes away from one another in Orange County, embarked on an eight-month affair, which has been discussed both on the show and in Shannon’s weekly blogs. The couple also discussed David Beador’s cheating during an appearance on Andy Cohen’s late night show, Watch What Happens Live. During the episode, David Beador admitted that he believed he was in love with McMackin, and Shannon revealed he was planning to leave her and their three children for a life with McMackin.

For more of Shannon and David Beador, tune in to The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 reunion, continuing tonight, October 26, at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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