‘General Hospital’ Cast News: Genie Francis, Finola Hughes Sign New Contracts With Show

There is good news out for General Hospital fans who love having some old-school fan favorites in the mix of things these days in Port Charles. It seems that both Laura Spencer and Anna Devane will continue to stir things up for the foreseeable future, as both actresses have decided to stick around for a bit.

According to Soap Opera Digest, Finola Hughes and Genie Francis have signed new deals with General Hospital. The news is said to come from executive producer Frank Valentini, so this one is no typical soap rumor. Though Hughes has been with the show fairly consistently lately, with a bit of a break recently, Francis’ return was one that fans waited a long time to see.

Genie Francis made her big General Hospital return in June to help facilitate the departure of Anthony Geary in the role of Luke Spencer. There was one last Luke and Laura adventure, and some GH fans had speculated that the duo would ride off into the sunset together. However, the writers ultimately had other plans.

Laura Spencer stuck around for a bit, and after a brief break, she returned to Port Charles to stir things up a bit again. She is one of just a handful who know the truth about Jake Doe being Jason Morgan, and she has been putting the pressure on both her son, Nikolas, and on her former daughter-in-law, Elizabeth, to come clean on what they know.

General Hospital spoilers have indicated that the truth about Jake being Jason will come out very soon, surely in relation to Liz and Jake’s November 6 wedding. Nobody knows quite yet just how that will all play out, though many suspect that Laura may be integral to the resolution of this storyline.

What happens with Laura after that? Those with the show have not yet detailed the upcoming storylines they have planned for this Spencer character. However, it is clear that there is plenty going on in Port Charles to keep her busy. Something certainly seems to be off with “Little Jake,” a situation that Laura has already been talking to Liz about.

In addition, Lulu is aiming to have another baby with Dante, but his night with Valerie is about to be exposed, and surely Laura will be lending support to Lulu as she works through this bombshell. According to Valentini, the writers have plans that could well keep Francis on the set for many years to come, if she’s willing, and fans hope that they have good stuff in mind.

As for Hughes, there is little doubt there is plenty of storyline ahead for her. She may have lost Duke, but there is quite a bit yet to play out on the aftermath of that loss. In addition, Kimberly McCullough is said to be returning soon for a brief stint, though there is also a lot of buzz swirling that Jason Thompson, who plays Dr. Patrick Drake, may be leaving. If that all is the case, there should be some emotional scenes coming for Hughes on that front.

There has been some concern that there could be some big cast changes on the way, as not only is Thompson believed to be leaving, but rumors have swirled about Billy Miller’s future in the role of Jason Morgan. However, the show has not detailed anything regarding those rumors, and for now, fans will have to wait and see what happens.

It’s certainly good and exciting news that Finola Hughes and Genie Francis will be sticking around as Anna Devane and Laura Spencer. As for other arrivals or departures with the General Hospital cast, fans will have to hang tight and stay tuned for now until further details emerge.

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