‘Destiny’ Celebrates Halloween With ‘Festival Of The Lost’ Event — Candy, Masks, And More

Destiny players celebrated Halloween last year with a simple pumpkin helmet. Bungie stepped up its game for the 2015 edition by providing PlayStation and Xbox players with additional treats, plus a few tricks. The Festival of the Lost arrived and brought with it new quests, masks, emotes, and even a new Crucible map to play on.

The Destiny Festival of the Lost will run actually run past Halloween and up to the weekly reset on Tuesday, November 10, according to the official Destiny FAQ. There’s the opportunity to collect 16 masks featuring characters from the Tower and your favorite Raids, literally go hunting for candy, and take part in new quests. If you are so inclined, you can use Bungie’s new Silver microtransaction currency to speed things along, but it is not required.

The Festival of the Lost fun begins by visiting Eva Levante in the Tower North. She will give you a Legacy of the Lost Mystery Bag plus a quest to fill an Empty Candy Satchel. The Mystery Bag shows up in your inventory and will contain at least one Legendary Mask that can be worn in place of a helmet when used. The Empty Candy Satchel quest will send you around the tower to collect candy from various NPCs.

Destiny Festival of the Lost (PlayStation, Xbox)
The Cryptarch trolls Destiny players. [Image via ‘Destiny’ in-game]
Completing the candy gathering opens up three new questlines. The first asks you to get 30 Crucible kills while wearing an Engram mask and slash your way through five sword kills in multiplayer with a Crota mask.

The second questline is titled “Mask Task” and is perhaps the most self-aware of the three. It asks for three Public Event Gold completions while wearing a Tiger mask, which is a nod to the Tiger-Man species that was cut from Destiny, decrypt 10 Engrams while wearing the Cryptarch mask, and fall off the Tower dressed as Atheon. The Tower trip is a reference to the infamous Vault of Glass glitch that allowed players to push the boss off the edge of a cliff to defeat him instead of running the encounter as originally intended.

Finally, the third questline is “Team Effort” and asks you to complete a Tier 2 encounter in Court of Oryx with a Traveler hat. The second step is to complete a Heroic Strike with the Speaker mask.

Destiny Festival of the Lost - Eva Levante (PlayStation, Xbox)
Visit Eva Levante to get started with quests and your first mask. [Image via Destiny in-game]
How do you get all these masks? By doing the things one does in Destiny every day; i.e. killing things. Wearing a mask while completing PVE and PVP events and getting kills while wearing a mask will earn more candy that can be turned into Eva Levante for another Lost Mystery Bag. These bags will contain different masks and other items.

If you receive a Rare mask, it can only be used during a single event. It is destroyed after an event ends. The mask can be upgraded to live on permanently by obtaining a Glue consumable from one of the Mystery Bags.

If you end up with duplicate masks, the duplicate can be dismantled into Paper Scraps. Collect four of these and they can be turned in toward another package for a chance to receive another mask.

Destiny Zombie Dance Emote (PlayStation, Xbox)
The Zombie Dance [Image via Destiny in-game]
If you are the impatient type, the Treasure of the Lost are for sale for real world money from the Eververse Trading Company. Prices range from 200 Silver for a single package to 900 Silver for six packages. New emotes are also on sale with the Michael Jackson-ish “Zombie Dance” and even a “Boo” emote.

On the Crucible side of things, Destiny players have the new Cathedral of Dusk map to check out. It will only be available to those who’ve purchased The Taken King expansion.

Here is a complete rundown of all the items that are available in Festival of the Lost and their official description for Destiny players.

  • Flight of Shadows — “Are you a dream of a sleeping god? Or the nightmare of a dead one? Changes the appearance of your respawn for 24 hours.”
  • Fruit Motes — “These chewy treats generate Glimmer as you fight the Fallen. Don’t eat them all at once.”
  • Glimmer Chew — “Leave a trail of Glimmer when you enjoy this sweet treat while battling Vex.”
  • Jackolyte — “The Hive may haunt the dreams of children, but you haunt the dreams of the Hive.”
  • Paper Glue — “Obtained from Mystery Bags or by dismantling a Legendary Mask. Can be used to upgrade a Rare mask to Legendary.”
  • Paper Scraps — “Obtained from Mystery Bags or by dismantling a Rare mask. Can be traded to Eva Levante for a new Rare mask.”
  • Salty Engram — “A savory snack that increases the development of upgradable Primary Weapons for a short time.”
  • Sour Engram — “So tart! This pucker-producing pleasure increases the development of upgradeable Heavy Weapons for a short time.”
  • Sugary Engram — “This cunning confection increases the development of upgradable Special Weapons for a short time.”
  • Tiny Box of Raisins — “What? Why…?”
  • Void Fizz — “This sweet effervescent candy leaves Glimmer behind as you battle the Hive. It’s terrible for your teeth.”

[Image via Bungie]

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