Final ‘Jeopardy’ Answer From Becky Sullivan Had Alex Trebek Laughing At ‘Pansy’ Liberals [Video]

Jeopardy contestant Becky Sullivan may have set a new record of some sort. In giving the Final Jeopardy answer, she managed to lose all of her money, lose the game, make Alex Trebek laugh, and insult those “pansy” liberals — all at the same time.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a different Jeopardy contestant tried to trick Trebek with a Saturday Night Live homage. A 23-year-old paralegal named Matt Jackson earned kudos from Trebek for his honesty when Jackson realized he was wrong, and when he corrected the judges on his Jeopardy answer, he actually lost $1,600 USD.

This new Final Jeopardy answer video earned kudos from Alex Trebek for almost being too brutally honest. During the end of the game, the Final Jeopardy question was, “The flower pictured here is called this, also a disparaging term for people on the political left.” Contestant Becky Sullivan only had $6,000 to work with, so when she wrote down her answer she decided it was worth betting it all in order to catch up with the frontrunner, who had $15,600.

Before revealing Sullivan’s Final Jeopardy answer, Trebek remarked, “I have a feeling that you may have found a way to insult liberals in this country.”

It turns out the woman had written down “What is a pansy?” as her Final Jeopardy answer.

“Yep, you found a way to insult liberals in this country,” Trebek said.

The actual Final Jeopardy answer was a flower called the bleeding heart, which actually does appear as the name suggests. The bleeding heart flower appears like a little red heart with a white section “bleeding” down below.

Bleeding Heart Flower
Bleeding Heart Flower [Image via How Stuff Works]

On Twitter, Becky Sullivan explained her Final Jeopardy answer.

“OK here’s the deal with pansy: I actually didn’t know bleeding heart was a flower. I just put the only flower I knew that was also an insult,” she said.

In any case, Sullivan bet and lost all of her $6,000 based upon the funny Final Jeopardy answer. Although she lost a lot of money in the process, she did win big with conservatives on social media, which is somewhat ironic since Sullivan is an NPR producer.

What do you think about Becky Sullivan’s Final Jeopardy answer?

[Image via Jeopardy]

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