Britney Spears: A Tough X Factor Judge

It seems with every passing day there’s a new event to gossip about on the set of the X Factor. First with Britney Spears’ odd breaks during taping, and now it seems as though Simon Cowell isn’t the only one who’s tough on the contestants. Britney is getting in on it too.

Simon Cowell has been out sick, so it looks like Spears stepped up her game, putting naysayers in their places about what she can contribute to the show in terms of lively entertainment. It was in Kansas City where Britney unleashed her quick tongue saying to a contestant, “You have to be great to be on this show, so [I vote] no,” according to a source.

Another instance saw Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Louis Walsh (Simon’s stand in), and LA Reid walk out and leave after a contestant was nasty and wouldn’t face the judges while auditioning.

For those who are worried about Britney’s supposed meltdown and if she’s bucking under pressure, the source adds that those reports and assumptions aren’t true about Spears, stating, “she’s really massively grown in confidence,” the source added, “She loves interesting and fun auditions and is prepared to stick her neck out and support someone no matter if some of the other judges disagree.”

Earlier in the month it was reported that Spears had unusual allowances written in her contract that allowed her to take breaks during filming without notice. Since then the pop star has come under scrutiny with onlookers saying the X Factor job may not be the best fit for the sometimes unstable Spears.

Do you think Britney will keep her cool during the show?

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