‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Warsaw Dates Recap, One Contestant Gets Hometown Despite Not Getting Rose

Breaking spoilers for The Bachelor 2016 were released once again by Reality Steve. Ben Higgins and his cast of six women flew to Indiana from the Bahamas on Thursday. Social media erupted with photos of the the women walking around Indianapolis Airport after arriving, as another Inquisitr article detailed.

The final six women going into Indiana are Becca Tilley, Emily Ferguson, Lauren Bushnell, Caila Quinn, JoJo Fletcher, and Amanda Stanton.

Steve writes in the latest Bachelor spoilers that there are the typical one-on-one dates that take place, in which no rose is given out. The same happened in Warsaw. The group date does secure a rose recipient a hometown date. As spoilers for The Bachelor this season indicate on Steve’s site, there were three dates on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with a rose ceremony on Monday night. Cast and crew have a travel day on Tuesday, and the hometowns will begin on Wednesday.

A big shocker in the latest spoilers suggest that Becca has a hometown date secured without ever receiving a rose. Apparently, there were tweets about this going on all weekend. As Reality Steve explains, sometimes producers change things up last minute.

Ben and his next one-on-one date Saturday took place at Wrigley Field in Chicago. That tweet can be seen after one showing photos of him at the group date carnival.

So, Becca will get her second hometown date on The Bachelor series in Shreveport, Louisiana. She was on Chris Soules’ season of the show, and she’ll be back again with a film crew inside her family’s home for hometowns during Ben’s season. This is scheduled to happen on Friday, October 30.

Amanda got the group date rose that happened on Sunday at the carnival that took place in town. So, at this point it’s known that Becca and Amanda are among the final four contestants who’ll get a hometown with Ben. Steve believes Lauren and JoJo will be the next two up for getting a rose and making it to hometowns.

Steve wrote that a lot of Becca’s friends and family have big mouths, and that’s why it’s already known that she’s getting a hometown date. Details behind why she’s getting a hometown is still unclear since she wasn’t given a rose, but it has something to do with this being a reality TV show and if producers want a new twist on something, they’ll certainly do it.

It’s being assumed that The Bachelor producers aren’t too thrilled about this information coming out, and that it’s possible they could yank Becca’s hometown date, since these spoilers are all over social media. Steve doubts it, though. By now, the show should be fairly used to the world knowing what goes on, with all of the snoops out taking photos and posting them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the like.

On Tuesday, Steve plans to release some big spoilers for the 2016 season. He’s already posted film dates of the rest of the season. Becca’s hometown date is October 30 after the first hometown, which airs on October 28. The next two hometown dates will be taped on November 1 and November 3.

Who do you think will make the final hometown dates? Is Steve right in his prediction that it’ll be Lauren and JoJo? If that’s the case, then Emily and Caila will be eliminated.

The Bachelor 2016 season premieres in early January and will air on Monday nights on ABC.

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