‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Why Glenn’s Shocker Wasn’t The Only Big Moment

The Walking Dead Season 6 shocked fans on Sunday night when they seemingly killed off the beloved character of Glenn Rhee. While everyone was reeling from Glenn’s apparent death, many viewers may have missed a big moment that could lead to a life changing event for the show’s main character, Rick Grimes.

According to ComicBook.com, during the scene where Rick is killing a small group of walkers on the road and he breaks his knife off in one of the zombie’s heads, he then pulls out a machete to kill the rest of the undead walkers. During this scene Rick then cuts his hand deeply with the machete that is covered with zombie blood.

The Walking Dead Rick cuts his hand, will he lose it?
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While fans of The Walking Dead know that everyone in this post-apocalyptic world is already infected with whatever virus it is that causes the death to come back to life as zombies, the comic book series readers know that Rick cutting his hand could be the gateway to him losing that hand for good. While in the graphic novels Rick loses his hand because of The Governor, who is long dead on the TV series, this could be the storyline that leaves our favorite sheriff a little less than himself.

It seems that The Walking Dead Season 6 is going for pure shock value. After Sunday’s episode where fans watch as Glenn was seemingly torn apart by walkers and killed (many believe it was actually Nicholas’ body that we saw get devoured by zombies and that Glenn is somehow still alive), it seems that anything and everything can and will happen during this season.

If Glenn is really dead and Rick actually loses his hand, those would be two of the most shocking moments in the show’s history, leaving fans completely stunned and in disbelief. However, that may only be just the beginning.

Is Glenn really dead on The Walking Dead?
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Other reports and rumors about Season 6 of TWD reveal that Carl’s life is also in danger and that something unexpected will also happen to him. As the zombie heard continues to be an issue, rumors are flying that in the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, which is Episode 8 of the season, walkers will get into Alexandria and cause a lot of destruction.

The alleged big event of the mid-season finale is that Jessie’s youngest son will get taken by zombie’s, and she’ll try to save him while holding on to Carl and refusing to let go. Rick will need to save his son from also going down with Jessie and her young son. So, he’ll make the crazy decision to cut off Jessie’s arm, freeing Carl from her grasp. Of course, Jessie will then be done for and her oldest son, Ron, will want revenge.

Ron will reportedly draw his gun and aim at Rick. However, Carl will see this and jump in front of the gun trying to save his father. Ron will then shoot Carl’s eye out, and he’ll lose sight in one of his eyes forever.

Whatever happens throughout the duration of Season 6, Walking Dead fans are already feeling anticipation, nervousness, shock, and heartbreak over the events that have already transpired in only three episodes. Everyone is hoping that by some miracle Glenn is still alive and that Rick will be okay, but as fans of the crazy AMC show know, no one is safe in this harsh world that Robert Kirkman has created.

Be sure to tune into The Walking Dead every Sunday on AMC at 9 p.m. to find out how it all ends up.

What are your thoughts on the latest Walking Dead spoilers? Is Glenn really dead? Will Rick lose his hand and Carl his eye?

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