WWE News: Backstage Update On Alberto Del Rio’s New WWE Contract

It’s not often that the WWE can keep secrets. When they do, it tends to work out. Going back to the late-2000’s, Chris Jericho was planning his return to the WWE. Social media was in its infancy, therefore, spoiling a big return or spot was harder back then. Jericho returned on an episode of WWE Raw and shocked the entire WWE Universe.

Last night at Hell in a Cell, Alberto Del Rio made his triumphant return to the WWE. It was unknown when he’d return, because rumors started to come out about him being interested in coming back. The general consensus across the IWC was a WrestleMania return for Del Rio. That way, he’d get the big payday, while making an impact simultaneously.

Del Rio returned to answer John Cena’s U.S. Open Challenge and was victorious in doing so.

The big question lies in Del Rio’s status with the company. According to Daily Wrestling News and F4WOnline.com, Alberto Del Rio’s new WWE deal includes a lot of money, as well as Indy dates.

“The deal to bring him back to WWE was reportedly done weeks ago but Del Rio was giving the impression that it wasn’t done weeks ago. However, people in WWE have known he was coming in. Del Rio, the current AAA Mega Champion, will reportedly work other dates through the end of November but that also hasn’t been confirmed. AAA officials reportedly didn’t know about his WWE return until Sunday some time.

Del Rio’s new WWE schedule is said to be easier than most talents but not as easy as Chris Jericho,Brock Lesnar or The Undertaker‘s schedules.”

This is a great thing for WWE fans, because now they have somebody new at the top. He’s been away from the company for a number of years. His facial expressions looked like those of a satisfied man. Del Rio tweeted about his appearance after the match.

In translation, it means, “Thank you all the fight fans in general, last night was spectacular, always high n head #hellinacell #losangeles.” What comes as a surprise is how quickly everything came about. Like it was mentioned above, Del Rio wasn’t supposed to come back until WrestleMania 32, if at all. He was making strides in AAA and Lucha Underground, that he seemed content doing what he was doing.

Alberto Del Rio

When Del Rio first left the WWE, he appeared at an Indy show. The rejuvenation he encountered was refreshing, to say the least. The former World Heavyweight champion had the chance to start fresh, while opening up his move-set and options in the ring. Tonight on WWE Raw, Del Rio faced off against Neville.

This isn’t going to be the first feud the WWE Universe sees the former WWE champ in, but his return to the big stage will be complete. WWE fans all over the world reacted to his return last night at Hell in a Cell.

No matter what has happened before, Alberto Del Rio is back in the WWE and whatever has happened between him and the WWE executives in the past is water under the bridge. He’s already made an impact on WWE Raw. Del Rio’s match with Neville didn’t disappoint, and neither will this run as United States champion.

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