Dr. Drew Advises Khloe Kardashian Against Reconciling With Lamar Odom As Sunrise Hospital Staff Is Fired For Trying To Sneak Photos

Dr. Drew Pinsky doesn’t feel Khloe Kardashian should be reconciling with Lamar Odom. On October 26, TMZ shared an interview they did with Dr. Drew, in which he spoke of the couple’s relationship, as well as their future plans.

When Dr. Drew was asked what he felt led to Odom’s current state, he explained, “Not Khloe, not Khloe. It seemed to me she did everything she possibly could. I mean, she, with love in her heart, tried to get him into treatment, tried to get him to cooperate and do his thing, and when he wasn’t getting better, she said, ‘I have to go.’ ”

As Dr. Drew pointed out, Kardashian didn’t simply abandon her marriage when Odom began to struggle. Instead, she stayed put for several months.

In mid-2013, rumors began swirling, claiming Odom was using drugs and cheating on the reality star with multiple women. But despite three women coming forward, claiming to have had affairs with her husband, Kardashian remained dedicated to her marriage, and to Odom. Even after Kardashian filed for divorce in December, 2013, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star continued to attempt to reconcile with her then-estranged husband. During a recent episode of her family’s reality show, Kardashian was seen on the phone with Odom, who had just lost his best friend, Jamie Sangouthai, and later accused of flirting with him by her older sister, Kim Kardashian.

Dr. Drew continued on, explaining that Odom’s main focus at the moment should be on his sobriety — not on his romance with Kardashian.

“If they reconcile their relationship, that’s not a good thing,” Dr. Drew said. “You are supposed to not change anything the first year you get sober, but you’re also not supposed to reconcile.”

While Dr. Drew acknowledged that not going through with the divorce was a good thing, due to the possible strain it could inflict on Odom, a rekindled love life isn’t the answer. Instead, Dr. Drew advised, Kardashian and Odom should first focus on getting him healthy and sober, and later, if all goes as planned, they can begin to work on their relationship with one another.

As fans may recall, Kardashian and Odom filed paperwork to have their divorce thrown out just days after he suffered what is believed to have been an overdose at a Pahrump, Nevada, brothel.

In other news, the Nevada hospital where Odom received care, Sunrise Hospital, has reportedly taken action against employees who attempted to take photos of the former professional basketball player as he received care.

“Lamar Odom was betrayed by several staffers at Sunrise Hospital in Vegas, and we’ve learned they’ve been summarily fired,” TMZ reported on October 26. “Workers were all trying to sneak a photo of Lamar as he fought for his life inside the hospital.”

According to the report, employees on site alleged attempted to “access his medical records, in violation of HIPAA rules.”

After receiving care at the Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, Odom was flown via medical helicopter to Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he remains.

Since he was hospitalized nearly two weeks ago, Odom’s wife, Kardashian, has remained at his side. She even flew in the helicopter with him when he was taken to her hometown. In addition, several members of her family, including Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian, have been spotted visiting Odom.

Dr. Drew did not comment on the possible hospital firings.

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