Kendra Wilkinson Ignores Questions About Hank — Are Divorce Rumors True?

Kendra Wilkinson had every chance to squash the incessant rumors about an imminent divorce from husband Hank Baskett while at a Maxim Halloween party, but she completely ignored those chances.

As TMZ reports, Kendra Wilkinson was seen without her spouse at the weekend bash. This, of course, caused quite a few questions to surface.

Kendra and Hank got married in 2009 and have been on reality shows (Kendra at first, and now Kendra On Top) for essentially the entire time. As if being a married celebrity doesn’t have enough challenges, the stress of a marriage being documented for the entire world to see can make things even more difficult. When you have the added drama of any reality television program and the blurred lines between what is genuine and what is just for show, people are bound to start rumors.

Last year, the drama in Kendra’s marriage reached an all-time high when rumors of Hank having an affair with a transgender model went viral. In an interview with People, the couple told an emotional story that recounted the events leading to the rumors. Kendra forgave Hank when the truth was revealed and he confessed everything to her. Although he put himself in a bad situation and didn’t leave when he should have, the situation involving a transgender model and a drug deal did not result in any “cheating” as far as Kendra is concerned.

Having been on reality television for so long, one has to wonder if Wilkinson even knows how to cope with problems without sharing them with the world. One of the focal points of Kendra On Top has been the struggles that Kendra and Hank have been having over the years. Confessions of intimacy issues and obvious on-air flirting certainly don’t help. Kendra has dealt specifically with the transgender scandal on her show, as well.

Most recently, Kendra has been worried about “the ultimatum.” As E! Online noted in a clip for an upcoming episode of Kendra on Top, Wilkinson explains her quandary.

“He gave me an ultimatum. He’s pretty much saying I gotta make up my mind. Am I in this marriage or not? I need to choose.” As you can see in the video below, when reporters at the party ask her questions about where her husband is, Kendra promptly ignores the inquiries. But she seems to respond to them as they tell her how good she looks, and even stops for a pose when one photographer asks for an “over the shoulder.” If things are good with Hank, why wasn’t he with her at this party? And why wouldn’t Kendra answer any questions about it?

Kendra had plenty of opportunities to put the divorce rumors to rest, but she decided to just go about her merry way instead. She didn’t bother to address the issue on social media, either. She did, however, make sure to post pictures of her supposedly impromptu Halloween costume to both her Twitter and Instagram accounts. No late night photos with Hank were posted, however.

Another interesting note is that the Maxim party that Kendra attended was just down the road from the Playboy party being put on by Hugh Hefner. There were questions as to just how well Kendra was getting along with Hef and his wife, Crystal, these days. The fact that Wilkinson traditionally goes to the Playboy party for Halloween would seem to indicate that she intentionally skipped the Playboy party.

Kendra left so many questions unanswered. How are her and Hank doing? Where was Hank? Why didn’t she attend the Playboy party this year? Is Kendra having issues with Hugh Hefner or Crystal? Is it possible that Hank went to the Playboy party, and then Kendra decided to avoid him and go to the Maxim party?

We may never know the answer to these questions. Or perhaps Kendra Wilkinson will address these questions on the next episode of Kendra on Top, October 30, on WE.

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