‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Will See Michael Scofield Come Back From Dead

Since the official announcement that Prison Break Season 5 will be aired on Fox, there have been many questions over how Michael Scofield, played by Wentworth Miller, could return. Dana Walden has already confirmed that both Miller and Dominic Purcell will return for the fifth season, six years after the show officially finished.

The new Prison Break will be a continuation of the original show. On top of that, it seems that all episodes will be considered canon, despite the two-hour Season 4 finale going straight to DVD. Ignoring those last episodes could have made it much easier for the writers, but they will bring in a plausible storyline for Scofield to come back from the dead. He was electrocuted at the end of Prison Break Season 4 to save his family, the Christian Post reminds people.

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There will be a real time-jump between the two seasons, so Prison Break Season 5 will start six years after Season 4’s end. Fox has also confirmed that there will be 10 to 12 episodes, and the series will continue in a similar way 24 continued with 24: Live Another Day. There have been mixed reviews over the decision to renew the once-popular TV show, which originally aired in 2005.

The original premise was about two brothers, one of whom was in prison and placed on death row for a crime he did not commit. Michael made the decision to commit a crime that would see him land in the same prison as his brother so he could help him escape. At the same time, they wanted to find the real killer to make sure Purcell’s character, Lincoln, was cleared of murder. Friendships and enemies were forged along the way, along with a love interest.

In the end, Michael had to sacrifice himself to save everyone. There are various theories over how he will come back, with some believing that his death was faked. This would not be the first time Prison Break would use this option to bring a character back.

However, it seems that the showrunners will decide that the electrocution really happened to Michael. Movie News Guide reports that the writers could decide that the electrocution was not enough to kill Michael but instead put him in a coma. This would allow him to wake up during the Season 5 premiere.

Walden has confirmed that the storyline will be realistic. That was the only reason he agreed to green-light the continuation of the TV show with Miller coming back. Purcell has said that the storyline around Michael Scofield’s return from the grave has been written, but he will not spoil it for the fans. This is going to be one of the major storylines at the beginning of Prison Break Season 5.

'Prison Break' Season 5 Will See Michael Scofield Come Back From Dead
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The idea of a coma may be easier for fans to accept than another faked death. It would also take away issues in the story of love interest Sarah finding out that Michael is really alive. The storyline of Michael’s return from the dead will be told in a standalone episode because it is so important.

Other questions that were raised at the end of Prison Break will also be answered in the continuation series. The aim is to make sure fans have all the answers so they can really enjoy the new show.

A release date for Season 5 has still not been shared. It seems the show is still in its planning stages, and it is unknown just how many of the original favorites will return. T-bag is expected by many considering the way he was turned in by Michael and Lincoln in the final season of Prison Break.

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