‘Scream Queens’ Creator Ryan Murphy Is Still Keeping Secrets

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Scream Queens.

Scream Queens showrunner Ryan Murphy has been doling out scripts as though he were passing along top secret intelligence to U.S. spies throughout the filming of the new horror/comedy series. Even as Scream Queens nears a wrap on filming its inaugural season, Murphy is still clutching the final scene in desperation.


Entertainment Weekly reports that Scream Queens’ most notable stars, Emma Roberts (Chanel), Lea Michele (Hester), and Keke Palmer (Zayday), have all received the script for the 13th and final episode of this season. Yet, the actresses still don’t know how the Scream Queens season will end because Ryan Murphy gave them the scripts with the final scene omitted.

“What [the girls] neglected to tell you is that they got everything but the last act because I don’t trust them. They’re wily,” Scream Queens co-creator Ryan Murphy said.

The Scream Queens showrunner was asked how the season will end, and Murphy was surprisingly forthcoming with news about that final episode in which the Red Devil killer is finally revealed. Ryan said that the Scream Queens season will end with flashbacks showing fans how the killer committed each murder and how he or she eluded capture throughout the season.

Currently, there’s still a long way for fans to go before that Scream Queens season finale, with this week’s episode marking a halfway point through the season. While there have been some clues revealed, there still seems to be a good deal of speculation regarding the identity of the Red Devil killer. Some believe that Ariana Grande may not have been killed off and may return in the season finale, but that seems unlikely, with her Chanel No. 2’s corpse having been left laying in her dorm room before being passed about in a number of episodes.


While Murphy is playing it close to the vest, he may have inadvertently revealed one aspect of the season finale with his acknowledgment that Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, and Keke Roberts will make it to the final scene of the Scream Queens season finale. Of course, there’s no knowing what happens in that final scene, but it seems unlikely that all three actresses will be killed off in one fell swoop. Perhaps one of them is the Red Devil?

As Design & Trend points out, the survivors from Season 1 will make a return in the second season of Scream Queens, which will place those same characters in peril within a new horror sub-genre.

“It’s similar to American Horror Story in that it’s anthological but different in that at the end of the first season there will only be four characters out of 25 left,” Murphy said. “And those four in season two will go on to a new horror genre — like a sorority is a horror genre to me, it’s a place where there were horror movies in the ’80s like Sorority Row — and they will go on. That’s the format of the show.”

Ryan also revealed that he recently pitched his ideas for Season 2 of Scream Queens and reports that the concept was a big hit. However, the Scream Queens co-producer wouldn’t divulge any details about the new plot. He did say that in addition to the four survivors from the first Scream Queens season, there would be 10 more cast members.

Mr. Murphy did hint that there might be another big pop star coming to Season 2 of Scream Queens, but this time fans could expect a male singer. This comes after the news that Lady Gaga, who is a big fan of Scream Queens, has already asked to be included as well.

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