Leaked Screenshots Purport To Show Apple Music On Android

Apple Music has been pretty successful since it was launched in the summer. According to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, the service already has 15 million subscribers. The company has said that the Android version of Apple Music would be coming out this fall, but details have been scarce.

The service is a subscription-based streaming music service. It is very similar to Spotify, but it doesn’t allow users to listen for free (beyond the trial period). Apple Music lets users listen to virtually all the music on the iTunes Store across most Apple devices for $9.99 a month. It also works on the Windows version of iTunes.

Apple Music costs users $9.99 a month
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Last month, Techaeris reported that some people were emailed by a company called Betabound and selected to participate in the beta testing of the Apple Music Android app. Whether or not the email was real is unclear.

“We’re excited to invite you to come test Apple Music for Android. If you’re a current Android user that would like to join the beta for the new music streaming service, you won’t want to miss this opportunity. To learn more and apply, click the link below. Best of luck! The Betabound team.”

According to Techaeris, that email was the first real evidence that there was an Android version of the service in the works. A report by The Verge published in June detailed the upcoming Android app, saying that an Android version was indeed going to be released in the fall.

Apple is also going to release an Apple TV app that will allow Apple Music users to stream music via their televisions.

Thanks to screenshots obtained by German blog MobileGeeks, we get an early look at the Android Apple Music. While the authenticity of the images cannot be immediately confirmed, the MobileGeeks blog is not known for posting fake reports.

The article alluded to the fact that a beta tester took the screenshots while testing it. The author said that the beta version of app was available by invitation only. Here’s an excerpt from MobileGeeks‘ post that has been translated from German.

“The early access to the test version of Apple Music for Android is as usual a Google Community regulated, but which is currently only accessible by invitation.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Apple has already released their first app on the Google Play store. The app, called “Move to iOS,” helps Android users migrate their data from their current Android phone to a new iPhone.

Move to iOS was not very well received by many in the Android community. One developer even released an app in response to Move to iOS with his Stick with Android app. While the original Move to iOS received pretty bad reviews, the Stick with Android parody app got a lot of good reviews.

It’s unclear how well Apple Music will do on the Google Play store. A large portion of Android users are predisposed to disliking Apple products. With the many alternatives available, it’s unlikely many Android users will sign up for Apple’s new streaming service.

Google Play Music is similar to Apple Music and has already been available for some time. Google’s service gives users access to much of the same features as Apple Music. Ad-free listening, radio stations, and a large music library make Google Play Music on par with its other two major competitors.

Spotify boasts 20 million paid users
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Spotify outclasses both Google Play Music and Apple Music. Spotify boasts an impressive 20 million paid users. The subscription cost is $9.99 a month. According to Recode, Spotify has another 55 million free users. Unlike competitors, the Sweden-based Spotify allows users to listen for free, with advertisements.

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