How Many Rappers Are Involved In The Lil Wayne/Young Thug Dispute?

All of them? That’s how many seem to be involved in the very public battle that has even allegedly involved attempted murder, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. An indictment several months ago named Birdman and Lil Wayne as being possible perpetrators in the April incident that left Lil Wayne’s tour bus riddled with bullets, but no person suffered any physical injury. What is the problem and how many people are involved? The possibilities seem endless as various rappers have taken to social media to make innuendos or take a side. And of course, at the center of it all is the enigma known as Young Thug himself. Just 24-years-old, he’s already made serious headway on the rap scene, adored by some, scorned by some, and fascinating many.

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One of his most enigmatic traits is his ability to wrangle out lyrics that seem straight-forward on the surface, but may have more meaning to those who know him and his history a bit more. Barter 6, his album that created tension with Lil Wayne due to the fact that it was very close in name to Lil Wayne’s album, Tha Carter III, lets us know that Young Thug definitely has rappers he looks up to, according to Hot New Hip Hop.

“Hit the streets and tear that b***h up like I’m Willie B
I own the ROC like Jay Z
Got a hunnid million flat, like my motha****in’ idol
Every time I dress myself, that s**t go viral”

It may appear on surface that his idol is Jay Z, but many claim his true idol is actually Lil Wayne, and tried very hard to mimic some of Lil Wayne’s style and behavior. However, things became complicated when Thug’s friend and record producer, Birdman, had a falling out with Lil Wayne and Lil Wayne left the label Cash Money, and ultimately sued Birdman for millions of dollars due to lack of payment and broken contracts. It seemed like Thug was torn between two lovers, but ultimately was in Birdman’s corner, if nothing else by default, because Birdman owns his record label. However, Thug has allegedly denied any involvement in the Lil Wayne shooting, instead saying that he views him like “family.” He also has mad love for Gucci Mane, sending out a message to him while he was in prison on assault charges and getting an ice-cream tattoo on his cheek just like Gucci’s. He also has reportedly wanted to collaborate with Kanye West on music, and the latest rapper that’s involved in the fiasco appears to be west coast rapper Game, who has placed himself staunchly at Lil Wayne’s defense and is at odds with Young Thug due to Thug’s alleged involvement with the bus shooting, according to SOHH.

“If you had a friend and somebody was f—ing with your friend and you didn’t help, then are you really a friend? I’m more vocal than Wayne is as far as beefs are concerned. I stepped in and said what I had to say in defense of a longtime friend. It’s good not to ever have a beef with anybody, but I’m not the one that starts beefs. I’m just the guy that once it’s on, it’s on. I’m not really tolerating any type of disrespect to me, my children or my friends. At the end of the day, that’s all you really have.”

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Lil Wayne has had very little to say publicly about the subject, likely because of impending court appearances and trials, but everyone else seems to have an opinion of who is to blame for the discord and why. Just when it seems the fiasco may be dying down, someone else seems to stir it up. Intentional? That’s unknown. Perhaps legendary rap icon Eminem will weigh in next.

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