Deena Cortese Arrest: Police Speak Out on Why ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Was Cited

Deena Cortese, one of the not-pregnant castmates of MTV’s inscrutable Jersey Shore, was arrested over the weekend.

Deena Cortese is one of Jersey Shore‘s reigning wild women, so her arrest for public intoxication (RadarOnline explains the MTV star “was taken in handcuffs to the Seaside Heights police station where she was served a summons and then released”) is probably no surprise to fans of the show basically based entirely on drunken antics.

Cortese is one of the few drinkers left on this season of Jersey Shore, as Snooki is knocked up and planning to give birth to a little guido baby, and the show’s core castmember The Situation is sober for the season.

But her friends taking straighter paths is not influencing Deena Cortese, who was still out having lots of drunk fun in Seaside Heights before the coppers came and hauled her in. According to local police chief Tommy Boyd, Cortese was observed “a little intoxicated,” which in and of itself may have not been an issue.

Then, Boyd says, Cortese started behaving unacceptably, and police were forced to haul her ass in. Boyd explains that Deena was playing in traffic, slapping the sides of moving vehicles. The chief explains it was “nothing major, but we can’t put up with it.”

Boyd says that while Deena Cortese and her orange-tinted pals ping police radar every now and again, the Jersey Shore star and her castmates are just like any other residents of Seaside Heights- Boyd promises:

“We don’t treat the cast differently than anyone else.”

Deena Cortese was picked up by her parents at the local jail, and no bail was necessary.

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