Lamar Odom Actually Set Up With Hookers Known For Partying

Lamar Odom has partied in the past, but he was recently found unconscious at a Las Vegas brothel, and several drugs were found in his system. Now, TMZ is reporting that Lamar was actually set up with 2 prostitutes that were known for partying, making some people think he might have been set up for failure. While at the Love Ranch, owned by Dennis Hof, Lamar was having a good time, but things were taken so far that he ended up leaving in an ambulance.

As seen on Dennis Hof’s show, Cathouse, when you show up at the brothel, you are taken in to meet the girls. Lamar Odom had the girls lined up in front him, just like they do on the series, and then he got the chance to pick out which ones he wanted to spend time with that night. One of the girls that was there was speaking out about it, and shared that Lamar Odom was influenced to pick out 2 girls that actually tolerate drug use when men are with them. It is even being revealed that some of the other women left behind were not happy Lamar Odom was influenced to pick girls that might take him down a bad path, and they spoke out about it. Lamar is a known addict and they didn’t think that this was smart to push him to be with girls that are okay with drug use.

Sources say that some of the girls at Love Ranch even quit over this happening. Tristen Lace shared that she doesn’t think that Lamar Odom would have ended up in the hospital if he had been with other prostitutes that night at the brothel. The two girls that spent time with Lamar Odom are now suspended after allegedly lying to the management at Love Ranch about Lamar using drugs that day.

Fox News shared some details about Lamar Odom’s time at the Love Ranch just outside of Las Vegas. It turns out that Lamar Odom spent part of the time watching movies with the girls, including Mad Max and Interstellar. Lamar often ended up sleeping alone after having a good time with the girls. Richard Hunter, a manager at the Nevada brothel who spoke to ESPN, shared a few details about the stay.

“When people hear about three- or four-day benders, they imagine running up and down hallways naked and swinging from chandeliers and stuff. There was nothing erratic or wild about his behavior. He was very polite, just sort of reserved and shy or whatever.”

Lamar Odom spent time with Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe while at the Love Ranch. Ryder said that they would go to Lamar’s suite whenever he asked, and he would even tell them how long to stay away so he could try and catch a nap. Ryder called Lamar Odom “a very sweet man” and said they would enjoy dinner together. They talked about the messed up things that have happened in Lamar’s life over time. It sounds like it wasn’t all about the sex for Lamar Odom while he was at the Love Ranch.

Since being found unconscious at the Love Ranch, Khloe Kardashian has been by Lamar Odom’s side the entire time. They actually called off their divorce, and it does look like he might be getting his life back on track. Fans are wishing him the best.

Are you surprised to hear that the Love Ranch allegedly talked Lamar Odom into spending time with women that would be okay with drug use? At this time, Lamar Odom is still at the hospital in LA and receiving treatment. Hopefully his condition continues to improve. Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

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