Did Nicki Minaj Diss Beyoncé? Beyoncé’s Fans Lash Out At ‘Anaconda’ Rapper On Twitter

Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé may have given fans an electric performance of their collaborative hit, “Feeling Myself,” during Tidal’s event at the Brooklyn Barclays Center on Tuesday, October 20, but it looks like Beyoncé’s fans aren’t taking too kindly to Bey’s friendship with Nicki Minaj after the rapper reportedly dissed Beyoncé on Twitter.

Beyoncé made headlines on Saturday after she attended Ciara’s costume-themed 30th birthday bash as Halle Berry’s well-known X-Men character, Storm, Gossip Cop reported.

Beyoncé posed for an Instagram photo with MTV’s Jeff Dye during the bash, showing off her white hair and blue eyes in honor of the weather-bending character.


While fans gushed over Beyoncé’s choice of character and flawless costume for the bash, it appears Nicki Minaj wasn’t feeling Beyoncé’s rendition of Storm, prompting Beyoncé’s fans to lash out at Minaj on Twitter with some harsh words.

The drama began after Nicki Minaj reportedly “favorited” a post from Twitter user “Superhero Feed” in which they asked followers to compare Beyoncé’s rendition of Storm to that of actress Halle Berry as she appeared in the X-Men films.

The post asked fans to retweet the post to show support for Beyoncé as Storm or favorite the post if they preferred Halle Berry as the original X-Men character.

After fans learned that Nicki Minaj had chosen Halle Berry over Beyoncé as the famed X-Men character, Beyoncé’s fans began slamming Nicki Minaj on Twitter with some pretty heated words.

One fan wrote, “You know Beyoncé is better as storm, ugly @NICKIMINAJ.” Another person tweeted, “Nicki Minaj favd that tweet shading Beyoncé. I think she forgot that Beyoncé was the reason for her three hour career [sic].”

While many fans expressed their confusion over Nicki Minaj’s alleged “shade” toward Beyoncé’s costume given their close friendship, others pointed out it’s just as likely Minaj is simply a big fan of Halle Berry.

Despite the alleged diss, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé showed no sign of resentment toward one another during their show-stopping performance of “Feeling Myself” during Tidal X’s 10/20 concert, MTV reported.


In fact, Nicki Minaj took to Twitter after their performance to gush over her “bestie” Beyoncé, while sharing a photo of herself and Beyoncé striking a fierce pose during their performance.

Similarly, Minaj had nothing but good things to say about Beyoncé following their performance, telling Entertainment Tonight that she could actually feel the venue “shaking” over their “epic” performance together.

“Oh my god, when Beyoncé came out, you could feel it,” Nicki Minaj told the site after their performance, “It was electrifying. The place went nuts. It was like, shaking, it was so insane. And I was excited as a fan, too. Like, I was excited that they were about to experience this, because both of our fans have been threatening us online, saying that if we didn’t perform together, they were going to hunt us down.”

Minaj went on to gush over Beyoncé, telling the publication that she “learned” a lot from Beyoncé and that she “genuinely” has love for Queen Bey.

“I learn so much from her, and I genuinely like her. Whenever we smile on stage, it’s genuine. Um, I really, really love her. I mean, what else can I say? I think it’s great for women in general.”

While Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé’s fans may have begged them to do a performance together, it looks like fans are also eager to see the ladies collaborate once again.


Shortly after their incredible performance, fans took to Twitter to gush over the idea of Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé doing a collaborative album, similar to Drake and Future’s What A Time To Be Alive mixtape that dropped earlier this year.

What do you think of Beyoncé’s fans lashing out at Nicki Minaj on Twitter? Was she really shading Beyoncé’s costume?

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