Disabled Girl In Halloween Costume: Target Praised For Selling Halloween Costume Worn By Disabled Girl

Target is selling a Halloween costume that is being worn by a disabled girl in their sales advertisement. The retailer is getting a lot of praise for it as the costume features a young girl in crutches donning an Disney Frozen Elsa costume for $20 in its advertisement brochure. This young model, who looks to be about six- or seven-years-old, has a nice smile and long brown hair. She’s pictured using crutches and looks all the more charming in the Halloween costume.

Parents are thanking Target after their latest Halloween advertisement, which is heartwarming. One mother has posted her feelings on Facebook, and the message has gone viral.

Jen Spickenagel Kroll wrote a message to Target in support of the disabled girl they used as a model for the Halloween costume of Elsa. Kroll has a daughter who has arm crutches and prosthetic legs, so seeing this costume being advertised by a special needs girl touched her heart.

Kroll said in her letter that when her daughter sees the disabled girl wearing the Halloween costume, “she’s going to FLIP.”

“Dear Target, I love you. Thank you for including a child with braces and arm crutches into your advertising campaign! She is going to FLIP when she sees this!”

Kroll explains that Target is helping the special needs community by including them in their advertising campaign because it “makes them less of a spectacle to the general public when they venture out into the real world.”

She added: “Normalizing disabilities in children is PRICELESS.”

As Fox 2 News in St. Louis reports, the disabled girl wearing the Halloween costume is being lauded by parents of special needs children. It shows just how deep the awareness is with the large retailer for children living with a disadvantage. Not every child is “typical.” Plenty are relegated to using a wheelchair or relying on crutches.

A lot of parents are ecstatic to see Target understand the concept of inclusion for special needs children.

Target scored serious points among parents of children who have disabilities. It reveals how willing they are to understand and accept that society has a diverse number of people; not just racially or ethnically, but when it comes to physical and mental ailments as well.

The Inquisitr ran a story about a teen who dreamed of becoming a model, but her physical disabilities prevented her from various opportunities that she could’ve normally taken advantage of. When a photographer spotted her one day, she wanted to take mermaid-inspired photos of her. The girl from Virginia, paralyzed from her chest down, posed for some beautiful images taken. Some of the scenes were also Cinderella-inspired ones wherein she was being carried by a handsome gentleman up some steps as a glass slipper was seen in the background.

Target using a disabled girl as part of their Halloween costume advertisement undoubtedly will show other retailers the importance of including children with special needs. They’re as much a part of our communities as those who can seemingly move around without any aides or supports.

The sales ad is definitely getting a lot of exposure for Target after simply featuring a special needs child wearing one of their costumes. It’s a milestone moment for sure, as many parents will attest to.

Hopefully, the overwhelming support will make other retailers take notice and launch similar strategies for ad campaigns.

How does it make you feel to see a disabled girl wearing a Halloween costume for Target?

[Photo Credit: Target ad via Twitter]

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