Colin Cowherd Ripped By Dan Patrick For Stealing His Bits

Radio host Colin Cowherd is never without controversy. And one of the most recent topics surrounding the FOX Sports 1 host have centered on the possibility that Colin is stealing other fellow radio broadcasters’ bits.

As reported by Awful Announcing, former ESPN radio host Dan Patrick took a shot at Colin for doing just that, posting a graphic during his weekly “Story Time With Uncle Dan” segment last week that had the words “Colin” crossed out. The jab came after Colin introduced an eerily similar story time-like segment on his show last month.

Dan Patrick Takes Shot At Colin Cowherd For Plagiarizing
Image via Awful Announcing

And according to the report, this isn’t the first time Dan Patrick and Colin Cowherd have feuded in the past. Back in February, Colin ripped Patrick over his work ethic, something SportsGrid vehemently disagreed with. They cited an excellently penned sports blog from Larry Gifford, a sports media producer, to illustrate how the two sportscasters styles differed and why Cowherd might feel the way he does about Dan.

“Colin is a natural creator,” Gifford wrote. “He’s constantly writing, working on angles and metaphors, and figuring out where sports and life naturally interconnect. His goal is to provoke you, to make you think differently or as he told me in an interview on Radio Stuff, ‘be interesting.’ He’s an extrovert who will talk your ear off.”

Dan Patrick, meanwhile, the blog asserts, is a completely different animal, relying on feedback from the outside to perform his best.

“Dan is a classic reactor. He loves hearing what other people have to say; friends, callers, producers, commissioners and then parse it for what’s interesting, find inconsistencies, and explore it further. He’s rather introverted, formulating thoughts, opinions and angles internally. He’s a collaborator whose opinions are often masked through his curiosity.”

Regardless of the why, it looks like the Colin Cowherd/Dan Patrick feud is only heating up. It also should be noted, as reported by Inquisitr, that Cowherd’s simulcast alongside co-host Kristine Leahy is currently crushing both Patrick and former ESPN colleague Dan Le Batard in the ratings.

Not that Colin seems to care. Cowherd was a recent guest on Kilmeade & Friends, a Fox-supported broadcast, to dish on his new book, RAW, My 100% Grade A Unfiltered, Inside Look At Sports.

Colin Cowherd Discusses New Book, RAW, My 100% Grade A Unfiltered, Inside Look At Sports."
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Throughout the interview, Cowherd refrained from discussing anything Dan Patrick related. He did however, touch on one of his favorite topics in Johnny Manziel and his future in the NFL. As always, Colin didn’t hold back on his opinion, despite the fact that Johnny Football has seemed to assimilate himself better with the Cleveland Browns this season as opposed to his rocky rookie year last season.

“I never liked Johnny Manziel’s maturity level, he can be petulant and spoiled. I don’t like his temperament. I think he is too showy. I would have never drafted him. At this point, I think you cut ties, you say ‘Johnny, you are not a fit for this organization’ and for the record, Cleveland is not a flashy town.”

Colin also addressed the infamous “clunker” of an interview with Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, where the host basically cut him off mid-way because of how bad the conversation was on air. Despite this however, Cowherd had nothing but good things to say.

“To this day I’m still rooting for him. I love Michigan’s history. I think he’s a terrific coach. He is rigid he is quirky he is odd and he’s not a great interview. If you do 3,000 interviews, like I do, you’re going to have a clunker.”

Whether or not Dan Patrick is rooting for more of these kinds of interviews for Colin Cowherd remains to be seen.

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